Picture Books with Innovative Papercraft Techniques

Sometimes children’s books are beautiful pieces of art. These books are beautiful examples of papercraft, more than just lift the flaps and peek through in the page but intricate die cuts and origami and papercutting to make reading these books an interactive experience.

The Wonder Machine- Barry Timms & Laura Brenlla

This is a beautiful book with gorgeous playful and Art Deco inspired illustrations telling the story of an Inventor Wolf who wants the challenge to invent a Wonder Machine but she needs to venture out from her home to find spare parts.

Whilst on her travels she meets her neighbours and helps them one by one and she learns how sometimes stepping outside our comfort zone can help us discover something more precious.

The papercraft in this book is beautiful with lift the flaps and fold out pages exploring Wolf’s progress.

This isn’t a FRIENDS FIX EVERYFING book like some we’ve seen, instead it is a fantastic book to help introverted children and those who hyper-focus to learn to share their gifts with the world and the world may smile back.

On Sleepy Hill- Xuan Le & Patricia Hegarty

This is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous bedtime book that has layered pages unveiling a scene as we progress through the woods On Sleepy Hill.

The beautiful soothing palette and gentle lullaby text has a wonderful calming effect to hopefully lull the reader to sleep.

This is unfortunately thanks to the cut out cover a book that is too delicate to leave lying around, it needs to be kept up away from little hands or it will get damaged. But it’s so beautiful it’s worth a little whimsy.

Nibbles: The Monster Hunt – Emma Yarlett

Nibbles is already a popular naughty little creature who loves to nibble on nooks and he has returned to nibble his way through the non-fiction section this time!!

With lift the flaps, books within books and peek throughs we chase Nibble through the bookshelf and this time he has unleashed a dragon from an art book!!

This has a universal appeal from the youngest to eldest with interactive features sitting side by side with excellent non-fiction facts on the pages Nibbles bounds through with facts about space, art, colours and counting adding to general knowledge as you follow Nibbles!

A very creative idea, we will no doubt be picking up the fractured fairy tale themed The Book Monster soon!!

Many thanks to Little Tiger Press for the review copies of these gorgeous books 💜

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