Notable Non-Fiction: Guardians of the Planet: How to be an Eco-Hero – Clive Gifford & Jonathan Woodward

Out this week from Buster Books is a fascinating twist on the trend for books encouraging a more ecologically sensitive lifestyle.

Guardians of the Planet: How to be an Eco-Hero is produced in collaboration with Client Earth which is an environmental law charity that aims to secure a healthy planet, and there’s certainly a different flavour about this one compared to the ‘less plastic’ focused non fiction we’ve seen.

With a foreword by Brian Eno who is a trustee of Client Earth and explains just how important and powerful making grass roots change can be. We only have to look at the stirring scenes of recent Climate Strikes to see just how powerful one small voice determined to act can be.

Are any of you old enough to remember Captain Planet? It was a children’s cartoon series in the early 1990s (I feel old now) that either repeated a lot when I was small or the messages had a profound impact on me to create such strong memories of Captain Planet being thwarted and it taking the children’s power not just of the elements but heart to save our planet from pollution both of the Earth and of civilisation’s unkindness and greed. This book recognises that need for heart to create change and not to wait around for a superhero to sort everything out for us, but to ‘Be the Power’ for change and become Guardians Of The Planet ourselves.

With sections in how to make a positive impact in your home life, local community and wider ripples there are pages that remind me of a kid-friendly self sufficiency book with focus on things like make do and mend and crafts to help feed birds or a solar oven alongside wonderful common sense tips that are sadly not as common as they should be like popping lids on saucepans to save energy whenever boiling or simmering and even hand washing clothing tips.

There are also serious pages with explanations of the way humans are polluting the planet and what the consequences are which may be hard reading for sensitive children or adults in denial but there is a lot of positivity in the pages to encourage change and make children prepared to be more gentle custodians of the Earth in time.

This is an excellent book that should grace every classroom and library and hopefully as many homes as possible to uplift and inspire change, and the production itself has been as environmentally gentle was possible with waterless inks on FSC paper.

Guardians of the Planet: How to be an Eco-Hero by Clive Gifford & illustrated by Jonathan Woodward, Foreword by Brian Eno is published by Buster Books in Collaboration with Client Earth

Thank you so much for my copy 💜

3 thoughts on “Notable Non-Fiction: Guardians of the Planet: How to be an Eco-Hero – Clive Gifford & Jonathan Woodward

  1. I wasn’t keen on this from the title, but you’ve sold me. I really like the sound of it now, especially that it explains the consequences in a way that may be hard to swallow – it should be!
    But great to hear its full I f practical DIY at home stuff too
    And Captain Planet 💚💙💛
    Captain Planet, he’s our hero! Gonna take pollution down to zero! They should SO revamp and re-release that!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It really stands out amongst the anti plastic books because it covers such as scope from even the lowest level caring for pollinator insects and birds by putting food out to more radical changes and the steps in between to encourage parents too such a a shelfie before shopping to reduce waste.
      It really is one of the best that strives to make an great impact without being too pious or judgy. I’m so glad you know Captain Planet too 💜💜💜

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