The Lost Fairytales- Isabel Otter and Ana Sender

This book is so perfect for me. You may have noticed that I have a love for Mythology and folktales and this book is concerned with fairytales across the globe that may not have the same fame and cultural imprint as their more famous relations do, but are still as inspiring and uplifting, some even more so than those that have been more widely reproduced.

The Lost FairyTales is focusing here on the concept of Fearless Girls, and a global outlook collecting stories from Canadian First Nations tradition, Polynesian, African and Asian as well as the more prominently recorded European traditions.

I was delighted to see a range of stories from quests, kindness, interactions with tricksters, dancing with faeries (both good and bad) and fierce mothers.

So much inspiration in these pages whatever your personality.

Some of my favourites include the Scottish tale of Tam-Lin & Janet/Jennet but new favourites too including Woodland Dancers a Czech tale of dancing in the woods with a benevolent wood sprite, the Italian Quest A Basket Of Pears and as the mum of two girls who despite my best efforts often end up running around in their undies Bella and the Bear is just so exuberantly youthful.

The illustrations throughout by Ana Sender and immensely gorgeous embracing the colour palettes and hints of the art styles of the culture that the tale originated within is a really nice touch and creates some truly stunning pages.

I also love the way that Isabel Otter has carefully tweaked the original text to keep the messages healthy and empowering such as in A Basket Of Pears, Perina doesn’t know if she’s ready for marriage even if she won the Prince fair and square.

Even better there is a map of the origins, and extra information at the back and a beautiful extra of discussion points for each story just to make this even more brilliant. Such a wonderful collaboration between Isabel and Ana to create a masterpiece you will want to treasure for years to come and makes an ideal gift.


The Lost Fairytales retold by Isabel Otter and illustrated by Ana Sender is published by Little Tiger Press.

Thank you so much for my copy 💜.