Notable Non-Fiction- Heroes by Jonny Marx and Gerhard Van Wyk

We can be Heroes, for ever and ever
What d’you say?

This is a really clever and visually stunning book ideal for children aged about 8-12 that not only widens children’s horizons of careers at a young age but also shows mini biographies of people who made great achievements in those fields showing that you don’t have to be a world leader to make change or celebrity to be remembered.

I think this is particularly great for inspiring young minds to see beyond the celebrity to see how teachers, farmers and environmentalists can be heroes for humanity even at what seems like a small level as much as athletes, astronauts and prize winning scientific pioneers can be lauded.

This can be such an important and powerful book especially for children who may not get as rounded a careers education as others. From experience I know that children often get stuck in the career concepts that they know of and/or grow up with.

Of course some may aspire (or be pushed) to classically respected jobs such as lawyer or Doctor, or have vague conceptions of Engineer or Scientist thanks to the STEM push, and there will be wannabe Vets, firefighters, teachers and such.

It is still true that many may know little outside these classical jobs than being a celebrity and what adults in their family do/did so may not be aware of other careers outside of this narrow experience or expect jobs to always happen in an office for example.

I like how this looks at what may be seen as ‘everyday’ jobs like teaching as well as more arcane seeming ones like Explorer. It is also great that there a diverse selection of biographies across time, space and cultures for inspiration too which shows how innovation and change occurs in these jobs too.

I particularly love the graphic neon Art Deco illustrative style by Gerhard Van Wyk with outstanding use of contrast and bold use of colour and style to make this book feel like an experience as much as an education.

A great addition to shelves whether home, library or classroom as early careers education to widen horizons, and learn some inspiring stories too.

Heroes by Jonny Marx and Gerhard Van Wyk is published by 360 Degrees on 3rd October.

Thank you for my copy 💜

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