Notable Non-Fiction: Step Inside Homes through History- Goldie Hawk & Sarah Gibb

This is the kind of book that I adore and so does Littlefae. We can sit for ever poring over all the facts and illustrations learning, comparing and contrasting and enjoying noticing the trends of history.

This book another partnership between The National Trust and Nosy Crow is a triumph and is excellent for considering continuity and change over time with regards to the lives of rich-middle class with consideration given to architecture, design, furniture, and also considering how the fashions for men women and children and also the interests, aspirations and education of boys and girls.

The illustrative style and the papercuts give this real feel of peeking through and stepping inside a dolls house representing a house from each time period.

Certain concepts are revisited through time for change and continuity such as windows, sleeping, cooking and eating spaces and how the other uses of the home vary through time from religion to servants to renewable energy.


I 100% love this book, I like all the little things to read and look at.
I like the Middle Ages clothes page the girls look like Princesses but I wouldn’t want to live in that house because it’s gross to go to the loo over a big hole!!

This is ideal for homes and schools, this has lit a fire in Littlefae’s imagination and curiosity to learn as she uncovers how lives have been so different over time and to think about how she would have fit into different time periods especially the fashions!

I’m a big fan of these collaborations with the National Trust and I hope there will be more like these! Although possibly not as fun to look at I would be interested to see a version that deals with homes of the working classes too as this is certainly from wealthy perspective though this isn’t a weakness as it is very educational to consider what we see as everyday essentials did not exist at other times in history or were framed very differently.

Step Inside Homes through History by Goldie Hawk & Sarah Gibb is published in partnership by Nosy Crow and National Trust Books

Thank you for my copy 💜


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