Blog Tour: The International Yeti Collective – Paul Mason & Katy Riddell

I’m delighted to be part of the Blog Tour for The International Yeti Collective by Paul Mason & Katy Riddell and I’m so excited to be presenting an exclusive illustration from the novel too!

The International Yeti Collective tells the interwoven tales of a young girl beginning to question her uncle‘s attempt to capture Yeti on camera and a young Yeti risks it all on a quest to recover artefacts after a terrible mistake so that they can save all Yeti-kind from discovery which would have dire consequences for the world.

The exclusive illustration by Katy Riddell I’m lucky enough to share with you is:

Illustration from the International Yeti Collective

The wandering between the collectives has the feel of a great adventure movie like The Goonies but with Yeti as they follow the underground rivers splitting off to each of the Yeti communities.

As this blog tour will feature lots of reviews I wanted to touch upon the reverence for nature throughout the book.

The world is as delicate and as complicated as a spider’s web. If you touch one thread, you send shudders running through all the other threads. We are not just touching the web we are tearing great holes in it.

Gerald Durrell 1925-1995

Once in a while you have a wonderful book that hits you in the feels and makes you cry, or rage, or opens up what has been locked inside. Once in a while you have a joyful book that will always brings sunlight to your life.

And then once in a while you have an earthshaker of a book that moves the very spirit, affirms deep feelings and brings such hope and The International Yeti Collective is one of those books that sings to the souls of those who want Mother Earth to thrive.

I just love the thoughtful and earthy way that Paul has interpreted the Yeti myths across the world as a linked culture responsible for various crucial contributions to sustaining nature from pollination, fungus distribution, bee propagation, Reef protection and more and the words of Gerald Durrell (who is referred across the book) hang heavily.

‘Sunshine, rain, wind, from which all things flow,
There is but one Earth, this much I know’
Song of the Makimaki

As someone who feels deeply about reverence for Nature there are parts of this book that truly delight and inspire. Readers will resonate with the Yeti, and be inspired to take up the call to protect nature as the Yeti lore suggested humans were part of the collective but left, and are now feared as we lost our way.

This fictional way of touching on how humans have moved away from living closer in harmony with nature, for all its ups and downs is an interesting route in to talking to children about a range of topics.

Not only does it present and discuss the destruction of habitats by humans for profit but it touches on questions to ask readers about themes such as rewilding, conservation and zoology and the responsibility to be respectful to wild animals, to protect natural habitats and be gentle stewards of the Earth.

I only wish this book had been written in my own childhood.

‘It is better to light a lantern than to grumble in the dark’
Yeti proverb

There is also something beautiful in the way that the yeti communicate in blessings, proverbs and words of wisdom is beautiful and I admit some of them are not just apt but occasionally funny and often humbly touching.

Paul Mason implies a shared consciousness and wisdom between Yeti with humans through our own use of many of these including part of an Irish blessing ‘May the wind be always at your back’

The universal greeting of touching heart then head (how important that is) furthermore has a deep reverential feel of being attuned to one another is a lesson we can all take from the Yeti Collective.

One of Earth Mother’s children abandoned her slabs- the one called human. And now, many cycles later, she didn’t even look like a Yeti at all…They had even forgotten how to tree-stride.

The International Yeti Collective has truly swept me away, it’s full of heart, hope, and you will rage at the injustices and cheer the characters on to protect not just one Yeti tribe, and not simply all Yetikind but the fate of the whole world.

This book has the potential to light a fire of hope and inspiration, I hope that it ignites such in so many readers and roll on the sequel!!

Make sure you check out other stops on the tour; my partner today is the fabulous Louise of Bookmurmation who also has some exclusive content!

The International Yeti Collective by Paul Mason and Katy Riddell is published by Stripes in the UK on 19th October!

Thank you so much Leilah for letting me be part of this tour 💜💚💜

4 thoughts on “Blog Tour: The International Yeti Collective – Paul Mason & Katy Riddell

  1. Great post–such a warm and thoughtful response. I’m very fond of the ‘better to light a lantern’ saying too–which has its roots in Buddhist thought. I’m very glad the book swept you away, and thank you for letting us yeti stop by!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! This book has such a wonderful nature about it which I’m so grateful to have not just for me but for my children. thank you so much for writing it and I certainly look forward to the sequel!!


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