Goodnight Forest & Goodnight Ocean by Carmen Saldaña

These are lovely early non-fiction books that are inclusive and engaging for younger children whilst having a lovely balance of stretching within giving appropriate vocabulary for children up to 6 or so giving these books a long useful life.

They are perfect to add to any study of Animal Habitats.


Oh look at the fish! I like the starfish! I like dolphin-jellyfish page best.

Both my girls were fascinated by the use of papercut pages to create depth and peep through experiences.

This is designed well for small hands through the board book format meaning you’re not as worried about a smaller sibling getting their hands on the book than if it were paper!

The use of facts throughout are a lovely way to engage young children with scientific ideas and principles but in an accessible way yet at the same time from the use of colour and rhythm they are both wonderfully calming books to help build good routines about bedtimes.


This book is LOVELY! My favourite page in the GoodNight Forest book is the foxes and rabbits underground page because the night sky is pink and it looks wonderful and I really like rabbits and I like the page with bats. I’m curious about bats.

These books are a lovely way to frame learning about animal habitats in a new way as we consider how they sleep as much as where they live.

Goodnight Forest & Goodnight Ocean by Carmen Saldaña are published by Little Tiger Press

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