Notable Non-Fiction- Turn and Learn Books illustrated by Hannah Tolson

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These are such a clever idea. Littlefae is 6 but she still loves an interactive board book, lifting, turning, wiggling, she enjoys the kinaesthetic and sensory aspects of such books, and I suspect she isn’t the only one.

Here the team at Caterpillar have applied the concept of turning a dial to reveal or change the information in a non-fiction book aimed at 6-8 year olds covering topics such as Habitats and the Weather and showcasing the gorgeous illustrations of Hannah Tolson.

I’m actually over the moon at the way the book uses an embedded ribbon to turn the dial rather than a cardboard tab. So many of us parents and Early Years educators will have seen the damage that children can wreak on interactive and lift the flap books and this has been exceptionally thought out how to not baby slightly older children but to still enable them to access easily and with minimal potential damage.

The Weather Book features text by Isabel Otter and covers The Sun, Rain, Wind, Snow & Ice and Thunder & Lightning and each page goes into the science, some history and mythology, world records and other fascinating facts whilst explaining how these work and shape our weather.

The Our World book features text by Isabel Otter and Harriet Evans looks at Deserts, Rainforest, The Arctic, Savannah and Sea looking at the geographical features, animals and plants and how they have adapted to this habitat and for everywhere but the sea the people who have adapted to this environment too such as the Korowai, Sami and Inuit peoples.

Well the day this book arrived I just about took a photo before Littlefae swiped one out from under my nose and ran away with it. She’s a huge fan of non-fiction especially that which explores scientific principles and this is a great partner to studies in Science and Geography.

These are great books to kickstart projects or research or similar activities but is also just a lovely book to just sit and absorb the information too.

Turn and Learn Our World illustrated by Hannah Tolson words by Isabel Otter & Harriet Evans and Turn and Learn Weather illustrated by Hannah Tolson words by Isabel Otter are published by 360 Degrees/Caterpillar an imprint of Little Tiger Press.

Thank you for our copy 💜


14 thoughts on “Notable Non-Fiction- Turn and Learn Books illustrated by Hannah Tolson

    1. These are really brilliant, Littlefae really loves the play value of this as she still enjoys playing with her sisters interactive books plus loves non-fiction it really is the perfect style for her!


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