Review & Giveaway: Moon and Me – Andrew Davenport

We were sent a copy of the three books by the publisher for free but the review and opinions are entirely our own.

Please see the link at the end for the chance to WIN a set of all three books.

We don’t watch a huge amount of television but both of my girls are rather fond of Moon and Me the latest addition to the CBeebies Bedtime lineup.

Still from Moon and Me Good night Moon Baby

It’s a wonderfully surreal show from the creator of Tellytubbies and In The Night Garden where the inhabitants of a dolls house come to life and play out stories before a tea party and time for bed. We’ve found like in the Night Garden the features of that repeat every episode are reassuring and calming especially with Tinyfae who then knows what to expect from the show.

Three Moon and Me books

Now both my girls are huge fans of books and when were were sent these tie-in books we were delighted. We don’t have many tie-in books, they tend to be ones that are special and these ones are lovely.

They are beautifully calming and have gentle positive values, Tinyfae who is 3 in particular is very taken with the stories and luckily I had bought some figures recently which they used to act out the stories (I got mine in Sainsburys and they are not blind bags!)

The following two titles are illustrated using stills from the episodes, the photographs have the same dimmed lights feel as the television show which is calming in contrast to reading brighter bolder texts before bed:

Goodnight Moon Baby Moon and Me Book

Goodnight, Moon Baby by Andrew Davenport

This is a good introduction to the structure of Moon and Me if you haven’t ever watched the show and takes you through the rhythmic repetitions you will see across any episode.

This is quite soothing and good to jumpstart ‘mouth-stories’ or made up bedtime stories following the same lines.

tea Time! Moon and Me Book

Tea Time! by Andrew Davenport

This is the tale of when Little Nana becomes a Princess and travels to Princess Pepi Nana’s castle for a tea party before they all return home.

Still from Moon and me Tea Time!

This is very popular with the girls who enjoy the tea party and princesses factor of the storytelling!

This book is a special fully illustrated edition:

Moon and Me The Little Seed by Andrew Davenport and Mariko Umeda

Moon And Me: The Little Seed by Andrew Davenport illustrated by Mariko Umedo

This is definitely my favourite and an ideal gift with its gorgeous textured hardback cover and beautiful colour illustrations of the characters by Mariko Umeda throughout.

Illustration spread from Moon and Me The Little Seed

This tells the tale of the first letter that Pepi Nana sent to the moon and was found by Moon Baby who came down to the dolls house and awoke the rest of the toys.

Illustration from Moon and Me The Little Seed

Overall these are a great set of books for any young Moon and Me or indeed storytelling fan and for those who love stickers there is a Moon and Me themed sticker book coming out in time for Christmas too!

The lovely people at Scholastic have provided me with one full set of 3 books featured here to give away to ONE winner.

If you pop over to my twitter feed, follow and retweet to enter for your chance to win!

10 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Moon and Me – Andrew Davenport

    1. I think little ones know what they like! Littlefae has a strong reaction to that dog one Waffle to the point where Tinyfae didn’t get to watch it AT ALL because it just wasn’t worth the hassle!!
      They both quite like Moon and Me though luckily!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. These are fab. My little one turned two today and she’s loved Moon & Me since it started on CBeebies.
    I’m hearing the intro in my head as I type. No doubt that will be stuck in my head when I’m trying to sleep. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah Moon & Me! My son loves it but I find that clown Collywobble a bit too creepy for my liking 😂 He’s 20 months and really loves books so will check out these ones since he is familiar with the characters #mmbc

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They really are! I’m lucky that they both like it even if Littlefae grumbles at first- they’ve really enjoyed these books acting them out with the little figures!


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