Picklewitch -Claire Barker illustrated by Teemu Juhani

I had such joy finally getting round to reading these books Picklewitch is such vibrant and awesome character!! With the tiniest hints of some of the greatest literary witches ever including BOTH Pratchett creations Nanny Ogg’s naughty cheekiness and Granby Weatherwax’s uncanny ability with nature especially birds but Picklewitch has an earthy folksy dirty magic of her own that makes her utterly unique.

I can’t express quite enough how much this delights me!! I have a feeling both my girls may have Picklewitch tendencies and it brings much joy.

Picklewitch and Jack

This tale of a magical witchy girl who lives up a walnut tree and makes up wonderful words and sees the world in a different more colourful, more exuberant and wild way than the sensible objective Jack does.

When he and his mum move into the manor by her walnut tree she decides she shall be his friend, and embarks on a campaign of chaos to win him over. Slowly she crumbles away the walls of inhibition he has built up around his own heart and joy in pursuit of being considered important and clever.

Picklewitch although terribly difficult at times teaches him whilst ok to be terribly clever he should try to embrace the wild inside him every so often, to find the place inside that magic lies in us all.

It also has THE BEST song about badgers flatulence which sounds exactly like something Nanny Ogg would sing 💜

Picklewitch & Jack and the Cuckoo Cousin

Jack and Picklewitch face the sinister trickery of Archie Cuckoo which doesn’t just threaten everyday life but the friendship between Picklewitch and Jack itself.

Like with the original there is no way you can read this without a giggle rising within you.Picklewitch is a treasure with her witchy and nature loving ways. She may be naughty but when it comes to what is important, friends, Ladymums and respecting nature she knows what is wrong and what is right and endeavours to do whatever necessary to do what is right.

I love the immersion in Witchery from the reverence Picklewitch has for nature to the wonderful greeting between the cousins it’s a book that will delight many children.

Overall, Picklewitch is one of those characters that buries into your heart, her vulnerability crossed with her unique and nature focused perspective of the world and multiplied by her rampant naughtiness makes her a character you just can’t resist like a moth to a flame. Love this wonderful creation and look forward to more adventures with Picklewitch and Jack.

Picklewitch & Jack; Picklewitch & Jack and the Cuckoo Cousin by Claire Barker illustrated by Teemu Juhani

8 thoughts on “Picklewitch -Claire Barker illustrated by Teemu Juhani

    1. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to read it! Littlefae has been obsessed since August and I’ve read snatches here and there (and heard the Badgers bottom song sung loudly) and so I decided I had to read them cover to cover – I’m so glad I did she’s wonderful!!

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