The Velvet Fox- Catherine Fisher

This is an amazing follow up to the 2018 masterpiece The Clockwork Crow which drew on the long pedigree of Catherine Fisher as a poet and writer and scholar of mythology weaving the darker tales of Fair Ones into the Welsh landscape with flavours of The Secret Garden.

Book cover for The Velvet Fox
Cover design by Anne Glenn

We return months after Seren stole Tomas back from Them; the Fair Family who have walked this land for millennia before Plas-Y-Fran belonged to Captain Jones and Lady Mair.

The children have made a special bond, but just before Tomas’ birthday he makes a terrible mistake and taunts the Tylwyth Teg that they can never get him again…

And the whooshing of leaves brings a strange governess, a hypnotic carousel and danger to all within the house. The Trickster is awoken and at play.

“The wind lifted the leaves.They swirled in strange patterns, high into the air. A vast arc of them gusted down the driveway, past the gate. And Seren blinked. For the red and copper and golden leaves shimmered and transformed, condensed and clotted into a strange glistening mass; it became a red carriage with four wheels and two bright-chestnut horses, galloping towards her out of the swirl.”

For me, anything with the earthier folksy, darker ‘come away with me child’ side of faerie is exciting and this has that dangerous magic in spades.

The spiteful chicanery to isolate Seren from the family, the brambles scrambling up the walls suffocating resistance the velvety disembodied laugh that echoes through the halls; it’s intoxicating and draws one deeper into the faery ring of fascination, to see if Seren holds fast, if she will succeed again this time against a darker primal threat.

It’s a short read but you don’t feel shortchanged as it is packed with action and peril and disturbing wonder. Seren is unsettled for the first time since feeing she won her place at Plas-Y-Fran, where she was beginning to feel like a member of the family is where the folk set their rot, worm their fingers into the wound and rip into Seren’s fears of lonely orphanage dormitories, of being alone and unwanted. Her courage and determination to never be lost again infuses this book with hope and a wonderful empowering grit.

Out of the shadows came a soft velvety laugh. It scared her. There was something dark and mocking in it, so she turned and ran…

Utterly perfect for reading on crunchy golden autumn days or chilling wind whispering nights filled with intensely atmospheric full-sensory immersion.

The Velvet Fox by Catherine Fisher is published by Firefly Press.


8 thoughts on “The Velvet Fox- Catherine Fisher

    1. I just know I’m going to love it. I’m going to read my longer books first as it gets hectic at work from the middle of November with two parents evenings, assessments, data drops ☔️

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    1. It’s fantastic, make sure you read A Clockwork Crow first too, they are lovely short bite sized books too which make them a lovely indulgence without carving out a large amount of time!


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