Itchy Scritchy Scratchy Pants Steve Smallman & Elina Ellis

This ridiculously silly story of Vikings in search of knitted underwear has brought great delight and mirth and is fantastic for showcasing (and studying) a different approach to rhyming patterns and rhythm.

A group of 5 Vikings have had their paints blown off in a battle and the knitted knicker shop is out of stock… unless they go on a quest to fetch some Yeti wool for her, upon which we find our Vikings are a rather silly lot!


Oh no their bottoms!!

This is such a fun picture book filled with lots of silliness and those kind of deliciously naughty words for a young child like bum, bottom and knickers whilst also featuring a dragon and a hairy Yeti for those who love some mythological creatures!

It has an interesting rhyming pattern which takes a few pages to get into the swing of at first, I found it has to be delivered with a dash of classic recitative song to it! You feel a bit like Noel Coward or Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady reading it aloud.

But I really like that as it makes you take your time to think, speak and accentuate differently than the Der DER,der DER, der DERRR type of rhythm you can get in some rhyming picture books. Plus it’s a great one to discuss rhyming patterns & rhythm with children (even at secondary school level).


It was funny that their knickers were set on fire!!! I like the way the Dragon has his pinkie out when drinking the cup of tea!!

Overall this is a wonderfully funny addition to any bookshelf and a particular fun winter outing too.

Itchy Scritchy Scratchy Pants by Steve Smallman and Elina Ellis is published by Little Tiger Press.

Thank you for our copy. 💜

3 thoughts on “Itchy Scritchy Scratchy Pants Steve Smallman & Elina Ellis

  1. I’ll keep an eye out for this one. Don’t get too many daft ones (there’s plenty of time for that once he can choose his own!!) but Steve Small man’s are usually a good bet and Peapod’s dD loves a rhymi g book yo read so I can throw that challenge his way!

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