Believathon: Book that features Magic- The Other Alice by Michelle Harrison

I’m a huge fan of Michelle’s writing and chose The Other Alice for Believathon as my Book featuring Magic prompt because her writing walks a line of everyday magic with contemporary occult themes & ideas in a comfortable and safe setting.

A Pinch of Magic is also possibly my favourite read of the year and I also enjoyed embarking upon the 13 series earlier this year so The Other Alice which is a Middle Grade novel that straddles the two but retaining magical themes is perfect.

For those looking to double up on Believathon prompts this also applies for Friendship; an Animal Character and Featuring Real Life issues.

The Other Alice
Cover illustration by Chloe Bonfield

Alice is a writer, she is so full of stories her blood may as well be ink… but something has gone terribly wrong with the latest one, a story she is even scared about.

When she goes missing and characters from her story start to appear, her younger brother Midge wonders if this is like what happened the year before but as events unfold the truth is much much much worse.

But then that would alter things, wouldn’t it? If you read the story before you’d finished living it. If there were things you didn’t like the sound of that hadn’t happened yet, you’d try to change them, wouldn’t you?

I really enjoyed this book, I can’t believe I put off reading at first because of the Alice name making me think it was a Wonderlandlike book 🤦🏼‍♀️. Instead we have a wonderful magic where characters emerge out of a completely different Alice’s imagination with whispers of the concepts behind InkHeart but with writers rather than readers and here a thoroughly engaging and exciting plot.

I really loved immersion in the plot alongside this almost romantic (not the lovey dovey type!!) expression of the magic within having this deeply emotional, creative and earthy feel to it alongside a beauty such as through the fortune cards, talking cat mischief and Scheherazade-like storytelling aspects.

My talented, brilliant sister, who was obsessive, almost scared, about leaving a story incomplete, was writing about unfinished stories.

Michelle has a gift for creating engaging characters that draw themselves into the readers hearts. Midge our protagonist is caring sensitive and kind and yet he is always so cleverly half a step behind the reader so as to make the reader feel empowered and capable working things out first whether its working out a riddle or a crucial plot point.

Gypsy and Piper are a fabulous duo with her Bohemian personality and dress and his mournful Heathcliff (without the nastiness)brooding and despite their melancholy roots, I loved that Michelle whilst not revealing their fates does do much to shine a light on both the backgrounds, character growth and motivation of the pair that by the close of the book we wish for a happy ending.

Something hissed within the bonfire and twisted free, shooting up into the air in a shower of silver sparks. They streamed through the smoke, glittering like sequins, then rained down over the flames.

This is a stand-alone book that works beautifully because you are happy to leave this world at its close but equally you could happily reread and reread the tale over and over again.

Having been enthralled by The Other Alice makes me excited to dive back into the 13 stories world and aching for A Sprinkle Of Sorcery to publish in 2020.

The Other Alice by Michelle Harrison is published by Simon & Schuster

7 thoughts on “Believathon: Book that features Magic- The Other Alice by Michelle Harrison

    1. I was so hung up on the word Alice I couldn’t get beyond it but then someone said it’s not really like Wonderland and I thought ooh- turns out it’s not like Alice in wonderland at all more like the best ideas of inkheart (but writer not reader) blended with curses and magic and wonderfulness.
      Such a numpty for not reading it before!!

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