Max the Detective Cat: The Catnap Caper by Sarah Todd Taylor illustrated by Nicola Kinnear

We love Max the Detective Cat, the gentle peril yet thrill of mystery is perfect for children bridging the gap between the early readers towards middle grade and great for building mystery fans.

This is the delightful Max’s third adventure and Littlefae enjoys the mystery side of things and I have been enjoying reading this chapter by chapter with Tinyfae (3) as part of her bedtime routine.

Max the Detective Cat- The Catnap Caper

Max & Oscar are in Paris with humans Agnes and Sylvia to meet with Madame Emerald whom they rescued in the first adventure The Disappearing Diva.

Madame Emerald is part of the team judging a singing competition where the team have high hopes for a young Parisian. However, crimes against cats are afoot in Paris and high profile kitties are going missing causing distress and panic.

When one of the judges pulls out after an attempt on her own cat, Max & Oscar are determined to uncover the truth and save the day again.

Sarah Todd Taylor has a way of blending gentle crime mystery, with a love of theatre and the joy of cats which has a lovely appeal and eye opening for children to explore new interests. Children interested in drama will find out about theatre production, dance and opera alongside those who love mysteries and children who love animal themed books will have a plot full of substance making these a really clever idea.

For me there are some lovely and exciting plot developments with Max and Oscar that make this book special from the accidental Hot air balloon ride across Paris to following a sapphire strewn breadcrumb trail through the streets- it’s got the whimsy and action that will both thrill children but allow younger children to feel it’s not too scary- a tightrope that authors must walk when writing for this age group and Sarah Todd Taylor does it very well.

Nicola Kinnear’s illustrations add so much to the scenes, I especially love those with a sense of movement and particularly enjoyed the images of the sing-song in a cafe which reminded me in a funny way of the one in ‘Allo ‘Allo but flipped with a much better singer than Madame Edith!!!

Littlefae says:

I really like Max the Detective Cat because I like detective stories, I felt sorry for poor Maximilian in book one, it made me cry but he is brave and loved now!!

I highly recommend this series for children who love mysteries but aren’t quite ready for the demands and/or peril of middle grade and for those who enjoy animal stories but are looking for something with a little more challenge.

Such a wonderful series and a wonderful character that both my girls really enjoy!

Max the Detective Cat: The Catnap Caper by Sarah Todd Taylor illustrated by Nicola Kinnear

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