Believathon A book set in the past: The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth- Katherine Woodfine

I really enjoyed the Edwardian set A Clockwork Sparrow which introduced us to the Sinclair Mysteries and Lil Rose & Sophie Taylor- and if I wang to read Taylor & Rose Mysteries I need to get on with it with these!!!

When Believathon was first announced I knew I wanted to read the second book in the Sinclair Mysteries and so it seemed the perfect fit for A Book Set in the Past, though also counts for Friendship.

The Jewelled Moth Katherine Woodfine

Time has passed since the events of book one and Billy has had a promotion, Joe is better fed, Sophie is more settled in he lowered circumstances and Lil has run out of money so when they get asked to find debutante Veronica Whitely’s eye wateringly expensive gifted brooch Lil jumps at the chance but little dies she know this job unlocks the keys to a huge network of deceit, crime and danger.

“Girls can be detectives just as well as boys can…Girls are just as brave and clever as boys, you know! I realise they aren’t in those silly Detective stories of yours-all the girls in those are perfect idiots who do nothing but swoon all over the place- But that’s a lot of old rot.

I really enjoyed A Clockwork Sparrow but I particular enjoyed this which stepped outside both the comfort zone and the narration with a wandering narrative from each teenage character including Joe and young Mei a girl from Chinatown who has identified a diamond that was stolen from her village years before and was her grandfathers greatest wish to see it restored.

The immersion in the historical East End Chinatown as opposed to the modern tourist centre in Soho was a delight for a history nerd like me and overall the novel is rich in the juxtaposition of social and gender history between masculine and f ermine spheres and again the haves and have nots, and those in between who have no idea how bad it can get. Interestingly there are parallels for young readers to consider today in the realm of political responsibility for the welfare of the people of a nation and how the moneyed classes are not just part of the problem they are and perpetuate the circumstances through greed.

She who dares, wins

The mystery itself is quite exciting I especially enjoyed the subterfuge at tea parties and the way that Lil draws people out to bring out the best in them such as Mary and Phyllis two rather bored and unhappy debutantes.

The conspiracy goes much deeper in this one, with complex machinations and startling discoveries for our young detectives.

It’s hard to say much more without spoilers but I thoroughly enjoyed it and am totally shipping a romantic pairing in this book!!!!

The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth by Katherine Woodfine is published by Egmont

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