Top Ten Tuesday: Littlefae & Tinyfae choose their Faevorite Festive Picture Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blogging initiative hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl with new themes each week.

This weeks theme is Holiday Reads (Books you love reading during the holiday season.)

Ok I totally cheated on this one, by getting the girls to choose their Faevorite Festive Picture Books but it’s something that I would like to try including more and more of considering the positive feedback when especially Littlefae gets involved!

These are all from our existing Festive Picture Book collection and don’t feature new books which are being explored over this week!

To be fair, these crossover quite a bit, the Fae are utterly silent when Alfie is read for example

Littlefae’s Picks

Littlefae’s Top 5 Christmas Picture Books

The Nutcracker- illustrated by Valeria Docampo (Paragon)

We have several versions of The Nutcracker, often picked up in charity shops, but I must say that this is the version that Littlefae loves the best.

Littlefae says:

The pictures look different to other versions, they are really beautiful and not too realistic, they are pretty!

Belle and Boo and the Very Merry Christmas Mandy Sutcliffe (Orchard)

We first received a Belle and Boo book when Littlefae was a few months old and they have a special place in our hearts, this was a gift for her first Christmas and she still enjoys it, probably more so as she’s got older.

Littlefae says:

I like Belle, she makes Boo happy and they spent a lovely Christmas together that’s what Christmas is all about!!

Merry Christmas Little Witch! Lieve Baeten Trans. Nicholas Miller (North South Books)

This is a translation of a German series of books that we found by happy accident, they aren’t really available in the UK which is more the pity as this is a really lovely book exploring friendship, kindness and community at Christmas with lovely gatefold illustrations.

Littlefae says:

I like little Trixi that Lizzy has to look after for the Christmas Witch, I like the flaps you get more pictures!

Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas Jane O’Connor & Robin Preiss Glasser (Harper Collins)

Fancy Nancy was unknown to us until a few years ago when I was reading a lifestyle blog that was listing the books she had gifted to a stylish friend at her baby shower, of course she’s now a Disney tv series but I totally recommend seeking out copies of the original illustrated books over the screen capture ones.

Littlefae says:

She’s super fancy! She cries when she breaks the decoration but Fancy Nancy makes it all better and shows handmade can be a better Christmas family heirloom than shop bought!!

Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps! Nicholas Allan (Red Fox)

A follow on from Father Christmas needs a Wee (see Tinyfae’s list below!) this is very naughty and rude and totally my dads purchase but it cannot fail to raise giggles from the girls and a competition to make the ‘noise’ best.

Littlefae says:

Father Christmas tries to keep his trumps in! I like all the words for the funny noises from his belly!!

Tinyfae’s picks

Tinyfae’s Top 5 Christmas Picture books

Alfie- Alfie’s Christmas – Shirley Hughes

Alfie is a classic of my childhood, and I have to say Shirley still has the power to captivate even very young children as a hush descends.Her work is testament to the enduring value of a long form picture book which is sadly lacking in UK publishing.

Tinyfae says:

I like the Pictures!! Rosie is Alfie’s sister, she made a mess, she opened all the presents! (Gasp!)

Jingle Spells James Brown (Simon & Schuster)

We are fond of the illustrations of James Brown and this tale of a tenacious and kind little witch captivates with its magic and gorgeous illustrations!

Tinyfae says:

She is a good witch she makes everyone all better!! I like all the pictures!!

Little Christmas Tree Jessica Courtney-Tickle (Big Picture Press)

This was a recommendation from Sam at Books & Ink for Tinyfae last Christmas and is absolutely stunning, simple poetry, beautiful illustrations and nature themed lift the flaps, it’s perfect for a natural earthy Christmas of Solstice, and Tinyfae loves it a lot.

Tinyfae says

I like this book it makes me smile

Father Christmas Needs a Wee! Nicholas Allan (Red Fox)

My dad brought this home when Littlefae was a toddler and it’s become one of his favourite books to read (other than Comes up Trumps) at Christmas, it’s blend of counting and a need to go to the wee badly make this story fun!

Tinyfae says

He really needs a wee!

Christmas Gremlins- Adam and Charlotte Guillain illustrated by Chris Chatterton (Egmont)

Last year I heard the word ‘Botturm!!’ over and over again and found Tinyfae under the tree with this lift the flap book of Christmas chaos enjoying all the naughty behaviours and bare bums- not much has changed in her love for this book except she has learned a bit better not to touch the tree.

Tinyfae says

Gremlin Bottturms!!!! it’s Goblin Christmas Bums!!! It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas Bums! Cheeky Gremlins!!!

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What Picture books speak Christmas to you?

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Littlefae & Tinyfae choose their Faevorite Festive Picture Books

  1. Ah, love reading the girls’ comments. Lots here I don’t know, though we love Alfie too of course! Might try and hunt out a copy if Christmas Gremlins for next year – sure Peapod will appreciate the bottoms more by then!!

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  2. This list was so cute! I hope you and your girls get to read lots of fun books this holiday season and that you all have a lovely end of the year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a sweet idea! My kiddos are all teens now, but I sure do miss the days of reading picture books. My son and I are currently reading A Christmas Carol together though. 🙂

    My holiday TTT

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