Six for Sunday: Books I want to gift

#SixforSunday is hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot. Every week there is a bookish-themed prompt to inspire 6 choices.

This month’s theme is It’s the most wonderful time of the year! and this week the prompt is Books you want to give as gifts

Well I can say some of the books I want to gift to some family members except my mother as she reads my blog!!! 😝

Books to Gift this Christmas


Myths, Legends, and Sacred Stories A Children’s Encyclopedia (DK Books)

After the success of Mythologica and Fairy Tale books these last few months, Littlefae has become excited about exploring more mythology 🥰😍🥰.

This is one of the books she has expressed an interest in because it brings together a summary of the story with the non fiction style she loves especially through here the classic DK annotated style with additional pictures and context.


Hello Little Egg! An Oona & Baba Adventure – (Penguin Young Reader)

If you’ve ever spotted me on Twitter in the GMT/UTC early hours you may see I refer to Puffin Rock as Tinyfae’s insomnia accompaniment.

It’s a gorgeously soothing Irish animation narrated by Chris O’Dowd about the lives of a young puffling Oona and her baby brother Baba that has the same calming effect that Bob Ross can on adults (and sweetly soporific on children but mine know he makes them sleepy and kick off!)

We have the book Goodnight Moon which is about a SuperMoon event and adding to our collection will make her very happy!

My husband

Prince- The Beautiful Ones edited by Dan Piepenbring (Century)

My husband is quite a fan of Prince, he was OBSESSED with both the Purple Rain film and album when we met and it’s become a family tradition to change the words to ‘Raspberry Beret’ whenever we have a tub of raspberry sorbet in the freezer!

I know this collection of words, lyrics, photographs and other source material from Prince’s life and career would certainly appeal.

My Dad

Little People Big Dreams: David Bowie by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vergara & Ana Albero (Frances Lincoln Childrens Books)

This is actually what Littlefae wants to get my dad because she knows he likes David Bowie, that he doesn’t like Big books (he cannot lie 😉) and she really enjoys these books too.

My Nanny

Something by Emma Carroll I’m thinking Secrets of a Sun King (Faber)

My Nanny likes historical fiction but in recent years dislikes the weightiness of such books for adults and getting bogged down in heavy politics and tiny details and then as she calls them the rude bits.

I’ve long been recommending her to shift to children’s historical fiction because it is done SO well. I’m thinking maybe Secrets of A Sun King rather than the mystical or World War II books because she still has emotional pain about having to return to an unhappy family life after being thoroughly loved and spoilt (they even requested her mother to adopt her)as an evacuee.

What books are you wanting to gift?

What recommendations would you make to mine?

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4 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Books I want to gift

  1. I’m not much help with any of the others, but another brilliant non wartime historical is Eliza Rose if that’s any help. It’s set in the Tudor Court, between the time he was married to Jane Seymour and Katherine Howard. Emma’s Frost Hollow Hall and the Girl Who Walked on Air and Strange Star might work as well? Helen Peters’ Evie’s Ghost is another great one too, and I feel like I’m missing something else really obvious which is annoying me! I must try and remember what it is
    Amy x

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