Stripes Early Reader Books for Animal Lovers

The Girls and I have recently had the pleasure of exploring some books from Stripes with a nature or animal caring theme which are ideal for the 5-7 age group or for those making the steps away from the reading tree into independent reading but still need illustrations and to build their stamina. They are also good for reluctant readers as they are easy to manage but are engaging with plot too.

Perfect for first steps: Little Bird Lost- Patricia Hegarty & Sebastiaan Van Doninck

Little Bird Lost

This is an absolutely gorgeous addition to the Stripes Colour readers range which I am a huge fan of as they are FULL colour which had such a huge impact on Littlefae as she loved early chapter read aloud but found the traditional greyscale illustrations in early chapters a big change after the riotous colour of picture books.

Little Bird Lost illustration

This is the tale of a bird who has hurt their wing and the young deer buck that decides to help the bird catch up with their flock. Its a beautiful allegory for seasons passing, growing independence and growing up and overcoming obstacles as they travel across the changing landscape and experience the seasons before Spring arrives, and Bird can help Deer too once he learns to fly again.

This is a gorgeous book I want to keep in our Nature basket, to inspire some compare and contrast with our garden across the seasons and its been a huge hit with both girls but particularly Tinyfae who loves this whole heartedly!

Ideal for Budding Oceanographers & Mermaid fans: Mermaids Rock! The Coral Kingdom by Linda Chapman and Mirelle Ortega

Mermaids Rock: Coral Kingdom

If you’ve got a child who wants to save the oceans then this will certainly appeal! Set in an anthropomorphic underwater kingdom Marina and her pet seahorse Sami negotiate the ups and downs of making new friends at school whilst investigating what is destroying the Coral Reef they call home.

Mermaids Rock: coral Kingdom illustration

Scattered with non-fiction content about sea creatures and eco-systems, and the troubles that oceans are facing from pollution too; this is a book that is quietly educational but also has a fantastic find out more section at the back for those inspired including tips on how to protect our oceans. Plus gorgeous illustrations from Mirelle Ortega.

Overall this is a sweet early chapter fantasy mermaid story that can simply entertain, help children negotiate complex social dramas of moving schools, making friends and standing up to aggressive adults as well as being an excellent inspiration for those who want to help the planet.

Inspiring those who want animals to find their Forever Families: The Mystery Kitten by Holly Webb and Sophy Williams

The Mystery Kitten Holly Webb

Holly Webb has written her way into many childrens hearts with her Animal Stories series over the years, and this one is just a little extra special because although it isn’t discussed in the plot, the kitten was chosen to be a black cat for a reason. Black Cats are the least likely to be adopted possibly due to social prejudices ranging from superstition to unconscious bias, and more recently, and upsettingly, it has been suggested because black fur is less visible on social media. Hopefully gorgeous little Pepper will help children to change the tide on this.

The Mystery Kitten Holly Webb illustration

This is set in the run up to Christmas, but is a story that has broad appeal any time of year because it is about trust and feeling lonely. Elsa and her family have moved house for her dad’s new job and she’s missing her friends and really feeling the change until she discovers a kitten has been abandoned in the loft and she takes care of it… until her dad finds out and resolves to find the owner.

But of course, not everything is as simple as little girls think, nor easy to act on as grown ups think and a wonderfully happy ending comes of it all.

Holly Webb’s animal stories are always a joy to read with the girls because they are very down to earth and practical but also full of warmth and astutely affectionate for the way children think and feel even if its mistaken! This one is an extra lovely one for me as indeed if I were to have any cat (we have dogs!) it would always be a black one.

Many thanks to Stripes for sending us copies of these books to enjoy, opinions all our own. 💜

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