Top Ten Tuesday – Anticipated 5-star Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blogging initiative hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl with new themes each week.

This weeks theme is Books On My TBR I Predict Will Be 5-Star Reads

Ok so I’ve limited myself here to what I have purchased and I already physically have in my possession not the very long list of what I would like to have.

Dark Whispers – Vashti Hardy

I’ve been anticipating this book since loving Brightstorm, and watching others get copies and rave online was agony!!!! My husband picked up my preorder on Saturday & I’ve promised myself once I’ve finished my current read this is next.

A Sprinkle of Sorcery – Michelle Harrison

This is my one slightly bending the truth. I have this, just my husband forgot to pick it up. But yes I have been eagerly waiting this sequel to A Pinch of Magic & return to the Widdershins world!

The Highland Falcon Thief- MG Leonard & Sam Sedgeman

A jewels have been stolen on a steam train’s commemorative final journey! I’m a huge fan of mystery and crime thrillers and MG Leonard is incredibly respected as a author so I am rather excited to see how this will unfold!!

Shadowsea- Peter Bunzl

I’m rereading SkyCircus and have got Shadowsea to complete the Cogheart stories, I have very high hopes for this one!

The Extraordinary Colours of Auden Dare- Zillah Bethell

I’ve noted about this book before and I have a strong feeling that this book is going to be very special about a boy who cannot see colour and must save the world.

The Polar Bear Explorers Club- Alex Bell

This has come HIGHLY recommended by many bloggers and there’s now THREE in the series so I’m going to have to get a wiggle on!! I’m enchanted by the idea of a quest across a snowy landscape and nods to the fantastical!

The Painted Dragon – Katherine Woodfine

I’ve become a big fan of the Sinclair’s Mysteries and how they bring together mystery with historical social commentary including the presence of immigrant communities in Edwardian London and this one focusing on the theft of a painting looks fantastic!

State of Sorrow- Melinda Salisbury

This also comes HUGELY recommended and I feel I’m the only one who hasn’t read Melinda at times (although I found out I’m not this morning!!) and I want to read Hold back the Tide come March so I thought I better get acquainted with Melinda’s style.

The Uncommoners: The Crooked Sixpence – Jennifer Bell

This series jumped out at me everytime I would go into a bookshop so I see that as the universe telling me something!!

Knights & Bikes 2: Rebel Bicycle Club Gabrielle Kent

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Knights & Bikes and purchased the follow up immediately after finishing the first but for various reasons I have not got round to diving back into the 80s Cornwall inspired video game setting, though I hope to as the game itself has proven successful and a tv series commissioned too!!

Have you read any of these books?

Am I right in my 5 star anticipation?

19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Anticipated 5-star Reads

    1. I think so too. I think you’ll guess it easily as even I guessed it but its still a brilliant book. I’m so excited for the next one. I love Nat as a character and think you will too.

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  1. I loved Darkwhispers and A Sprinkle of Sorcery. I’ve read the first in the Polar Bear Explorers’ Club – brilliant. I have the others to read. I’m really looking forward to The Highland Falcon Thief too.

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