Six for Sunday: Reasons I love Blogging

#SixforSunday is hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot. Every week there is a bookish-themed prompt to inspire 6 choices.

This month focuses on Share the Love and this week the prompt is reasons I Love blogging.

The original post for this week was much longer, deeper and personal than what is actually here now. I know it sounds silly but I chickened out a little, like no one needs to know that much crazy! But still I think these short little points sum up a lot about why blogging has been a very powerful thing for me, for my mental health and self worth and in turn for the Fae too.

  • Finding out about new and exciting books that I would not come across in my local brand name bookshop that really sadly neglects its children’s section.
  • Expressing my opinion about books which has a knock-on affect of positive exercise for my brain and boost to mental health.
  • Discovering and discussing other people’s thoughts and feelings about books too, finding agreements, disagreements and all the spaces in between that can exist in a healthy way.
  • Finding and resonating with other bookish people who just aren’t as easy to find IRL.
  • When someone genuinely resonates with your review or post or you find someone actually read a book because of you. That is just such an awesome feeling.
  • Being able to be a little ray of sunshine about what I’m interested in and enthusiastic because that’s really not cool in the real life circles I’ve moved in!! It’s just so wonderful to be able to breathe in that way without worrying people think you are insincere (if people do that’s ok, that’s their feeling, it’s not true. I may be a worry wort but I am Pinky Pie/Funshine Bear about the things I love and that I’m beginning to understand is ok) This enthusiastic sharing of my love of books hopefully inspiring my daughters to love books and share their opinions too.

Do any of these resonate for you?

9 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Reasons I love Blogging

  1. Another excellent post. I am so happy for you that blogging has given you an outlet for your obvious passion for books, and sorry that your real life experiences haven’t been so positive. Your post has actually made me realise how lucky I’ve been that friends and colleagues have happily let me bang on about books for years, which is probably why I’ve come to blogging much later in life! 😊

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    1. Thank you, I’ve never been lucky to find likeminded people- it was social suicide to like books even in the top groups when I was at school and even when teaching my colleagues were like ‘books?!?! Why do you do so much research?’ And the English department were not open to new books or thinking as I found when I asked if I could use alternatives for my group of very mixed ability who were just not feeling the (older than my own education) sources we were being given by the department to interact with!
      It’s like I can breathe out all the bookishness I’ve been holding in!!

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  2. The online book community, to me, feels like a welcoming and kind one. That’s one of the appeals of blogging about books and I’m so glad that you have found it so too. Although I haven’t been doing this for very long I enjoy reading your reviews and the comments too.

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    1. Thank you so much, it’s such a pleasure to find like minded people and you have been especially kind and supportive too, you are doing great as a blogger, I love your roundups especially they help me discover new people & things to read too!

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  3. What a lovely post. Your love of reading will definitely inspire your girls – it already has! I can imagine them playing a more active role in your blog as they get older. Reading is so good for mental health and I’m so pleased you share your love of reading through your blog – your reviews always come across as honest and heartfelt. There are very few people I know who share my love of reading so it’s so great to be able to talk books with you!


  4. Such a wonderful post and I’m glad you enjoy the outlet of being able to share your love of books with everyone here. Don’t worry about what others think, it is their loss that they don’t enjoy books the way you do, but you should never feel bad or put yourself down for enjoying the things that you do ❤ That is a lesson I've had to teach myself, but in blogging myself for some time, I've realised that you can find a community of likeminded people everywhere on the internet. So be a funshine bear about books 😀 Because your enthusiasm for reading and these beautiful books comes through and is a wonderful inspiration for us all 🙂

    All of your points do resonate with me. It's wonderful when people say they will read a book based on my recommendation, although I have to admit I then sometimes worry whether they will like it as much as I did 😮 lol 🙂

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    1. Yes! Thank you so much, it’s been so validating to find this support and encouragement. I love the way that books stir us up and help us to think and feel- even if we don’t all feel the same.

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