Top Ten Tuesday- Share a Little Bookish Love

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blogging initiative hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl with new themes each week.

This weeks theme is Love Freebie

I shall tell you a secret, ever since Amazon changed their review algorithm to scupper the people who would write 70 squillion reviews a day to try and get in the top 500/100/whatevers and especially the limitations on reviewing products you haven’t purchased it’s not been easy to review regularly.

And as my blog took off a bit more i admit I’ve struggled over the last few months to keep up the drip feed of reviews to Amazon other than a few where I get an active reminder.

For me this isn’t because I can’t be bothered! Partially this is down to TIME, I’m a mum, this is my hobby and I do what I can otherwise its not fun but equally partially this is because many of my books are not purchased from there, and some are proofs so may be read considerably in advance of publication.

But also the frustrating fact that one may be ‘live’ within minutes and the next take 36 hours and another stay in the ‘nothingness’ for days making you wonder if you used a rude word or wrote something bad! It takes the incentive out of sitting down and writing a bunch of them at times (which is exactly what they want) other than seemingly “Quick Delivery, my wife/cat/son likes it” type reviews which are only slightly less baffling than the ‘STAHP ASkiN Me 2 RvIEW’ reviews.

And despite my love of bricks and mortar stores the truth is many more people at least look at Amazon for reviews and dates (hands up) and many more purchase (hand not so proudly up) indeed I belong to a review scheme there so I’m a hypocrite to say don’t ever! so there is a good reason why many authors ask for reviews because our bookishness belies the fact that many of the general public only other interaction with book reviews is when the authors are guests/topics on magazine shows or Breakfast TV.

But there are also other places, like Good Reads, but more so Toppsta and Waterstones that may reach other demographics to help the less bookish person be persuaded to purchase the right book, whether for themselves or their child.

so why am I blathering on about reviewing on other platforms?

Well, instead of a Top Ten post about books about love between parent and child, characters I love, romances I ship, Marry/Snog😏/Kill, characters I would like to snuggle with (increasingly odd for a Middle grade and below blog I must say!!) I’m going to say that this week;

I’m going to post Ten* Book reviews** on the platforms I can that I haven’t done so yet*** to share a little more love about books.

* At least, let’s see how I go. **abridged because other platforms don’t like long reviews. *** Waterstones website doesn’t seem to like me?!

Valentine’s Day book love

Who wants to join me? It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be detailed, you don’t have to be a blogger, just earnest and honest!

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Share a Little Bookish Love

  1. Great idea! I always mean to copy my reviews over to good reads when I put them on waterstones but rarely do – I’m due a posting on W so I’m going to try and do it this time (and try and make myself stay in the habit of it!)

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    1. I try to vary my ‘all-nighters’ with Tinyfae, making a bit of time for redrafting to post on Toppsta, or Amazon, or reading or drafting reviews on my phone so I don’t always associate any of them with being tired and frustrated so dread doing it!

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    1. Thank you 💜 Hoping it will get me into a good habit!!! That’s good that you can do that, I’ve got no idea why but every time I tried to review on Waterstones it’s had a nope moment at me!

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  2. That’s a great idea/initiative. Sometimes keeping up with all the posts, reviews, different media and platforms while also managing everthing in your daily life is a HUGE challenge. I just started my internship a week ago and already have barely any time for blogging and reading 😅 Goo luck to you and I hope it works out 😁

    My TTT.

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  3. I think this was a fabulous idea, and I really need to catch up tomorrow with some books that have gone live that i haven’t cross-posted reviews for yet. I was caught up, but as you said, time is sometimes a novelty these days. I just haven’t had a chance to post. And I’ve even had reviews just up and disappear into the Amazon ether, never to be posted or declined. xD It’s really a roll of the die lol.

    How’d this goal go? Were you able to get them posted?

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    1. I’ve got several submitted I THINK I made the ten minimum but it’s hard to tell as I’m still waiting for them all to upload! It’s ridiculous how some go straight through and others take 24,48,72 hrs –
      I KNOW I didn’t use any rude words and yet some still whirr in the ether

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