Amelia Fang & the Naughty Caticorns – Laura Ellen Anderson

With the Kingdoms united and new lands and creatures discovered one may wonder what could Amelia get up to next? Laura Ellen Anderson has had the masterstroke of bringing things back to a family and friends focus with a wonderful story focusing on what counts in family relationships.

Both Littlefae and Tinyfae are huge fans of Amelia Fang stories and are eager to explore her adventures whether perilous, breathtaking or sticky, and thoroughly enjoyed this tale even debating over whether Amelia should get a baby sister (Littlefae) or brother (Tinyfae) but we’re both delighted regardless of who was right.

Amelia Fang and the Naughty Caticorns by Laura Ellen Anderson

It’s a very busy day at the Fang house. Countess Frivoleeta is about to give birth any day now and has certainly had enough of the pregnancy & is an emotional hormonal wreck (oh Frivoleeta I have been there). 

And her sister Lavitora (who is a rather snooty madam) has turned up to offload her 3 Caticorns on her sister whilst she tries to sell houses in the poshest part of town which is the last thing Amelia’s mummy needs especially when she goes into labour!

Keen to show her parents she could be a responsible big sister Amelia offers to watch the Caticorns until Auntie gets back… the only problem is the Caticorns are NOT the Angel-kittens her aunt has painted them to be!!!

Amelia Fang Caticorns illustration 2

Oh this was really wonderful!! Anderson serves her unique brand of humour and heart exploring complex feelings that child readers may be recognising or experiencing and showing ways through with gentle humour and kindness. 

Here she explores feelings related to relationships with parents/caregivers as Amelia and the gang crack the reason why the Caticorns don’t behave. What I especially like is that Amelia and her friends draw on their own experiences in the earlier books- Amelia’s own parents’ journey and Tangine’s spoilt sproutiness when his father was busy searching the Kingdom of the Light.

In fact if it wasn’t for realising that their parents’ attitudes affected their feelings and behaviour in previous stories and there been change and growth resulting then they may not have been able to solve the problem here. Plus who knows about those previous fails, early pregnancy is tough especially with a ten year gap between babies 🤷‍♀️.

Amelia Fang Caticorns illustration 1

Littlefae especially liked Mo’s love of painting the word Bum over everything. Laura Ellen Anderson surely knows her audience!!! 

But there are little in-jokes for grown ups or parents reading along such as the names of the Caticorns Gerard, Butler & Mo- always in that order! The disasters they get up to are very very funny but are also frightening close to real toddler behaviour just dialled up to eleven as Littlefae had much joy in pointing out that Tinyfae has been caught drawing on the wall but she didn’t write bum! 

Amelia Fang Caticorns illustration 3

Overall, this story is pretty wonderful, its simplicity of setting belies the complexity of the issues which are incredibly important to many child readers but within the comfort and warmth of familiar funny friends. And it has inspired some fan art already from Littlefae!

Amelia Fang and the Naughty Caticorns by Laura Ellen Anderson is published by Egmont 

Thank you so much for my copy 💜 


4 thoughts on “Amelia Fang & the Naughty Caticorns – Laura Ellen Anderson

  1. I wondered if you were going to get to review this one! We missed this one for Minion’s birthday, since it came out just after it, but she’s already asked for it for Easter. xD The caticorns look way too cute, and oh my gosh, I love their names! Looking forward to getting my hands on this one. :3

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