Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional Follows

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blogging initiative hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl with new themes each week.

This weeks theme is Characters I’d Follow On Social Media (submitted by Tilly @thebiblioshelf)

I struggled a little with this as I’m pretty convinced I’m not using social media right considering what I would follow these characters for!!!

I also had a bit of fun imagining what their handle might be!

Nanny Ogg – Discworld @hedgehogshallnever

Could you imagine!! dispensing wise & often  naughty advice Joanne Harris #10ThingsAbout style, dirty jokes and stories about her past and constant gushing over pictures of cat form Greebo hissing, spitting, disembowelling creatures etc

She would have the hugest following 

Lucy Sladen and Milo Fisher – Sticky Pines @TruthTooSticky & @FisherOutOfWater

Conspiracy theories, observations about townsfolk, updates on her investigations with Milo (who would OBVIOUSLY Take the amazing pictures)

Clifftoppers Farm – Clifftoppers @CreamGoesFirst

Bucolic scenes of the farm, surrounding moors, village, Grandad’s cooking, the Neolithic chamber on the Arrowhead Moor, the annual Fire Festival making you want to visit too! 

Felicity Wiggety- Brightstorm Adventures @tinglytoes

Recipes, observations, knowledge and musings on Skyship Aurora expeditions in a warm manner

Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter @SpectreSpecs81 

Musings on life, kind observations of those around her, pictures and interesting articles about mythology and magical creatures, the odd magical conspiracy theory to boot! 

Bonus Podcast/YouTuber- Beanie from MMU. @RMartineau21

Its clear from Robin’s tales that the gorgeous Beanie (whom I adore) is not just a sensitive soul, she has some kind of reading issue, today she would probably be diagnosed with dyslexia though there may well be more hiding under the surface.

In Cream Buns & Crime her best friend Kitty encourages her to record her thoughts and stories on a dictaphone which is where we get The Mystery Of The Missing Bun Break from her perspective and we get to understand just how beautiful, wonderful and incredibly intelligent and observant Beanie really is.

I would love to see more of Beanie, though I don’t know how realistic that would be as Robin is ending the series and even if she did switch to a YA series I doubt that Beanie would be at university bless her, so this is where I could dream of reading more of her observations and thinking even though I’m not really a Youtube kind of person- I prefer to read!

Ok how badly did I do?

Who would you pick? (waiting to groan with disbelief at missing out characters!!!)

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional Follows

    1. Yes they were popular! I saw Hermione on several lists as well as Luna. I also saw the Weasley twins, Dumbledore and Hagrid! All great choices.

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    1. Thank you, I tried to get in the spirit I think she would’ve probably taken a long time to come up with something meaningful, only to found it taken by someone dormant so panic types in the first thing she sees/can think of that might be a bit her!!

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  1. This post is brilliant – I love that you’ve come up with handles for them all! And Nanny Ogg on twitter is genius funny!!
    I’d definitely want to follow Beanie in some way even though I’m not into YouTube and vlogging either!

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