Funny Early Chapter book Roundup

Littlefae is particularly fond of a giggle and so she has been enjoying some funny early chapter books that are recently or just released. 

All these books have been thoroughly enjoyed! 

Magnificent Mabel and the Rabbit Riot – Ruth Quayle & Julia Christians (Nosy Crow) 

Magnificent Mabel by Quayle & Christians

Oh my goodness we loved these beautifully created stories about a little girl where great pains have been taken to get into the mindset of a 6 year old. 

Magnificent Mabel illustration by julia Christians
Magnificent Mabel illustration by Julia Christians

My Littlefae is 6 and both I as her mother and she as the age herself could see mindsets, responses and behaviours that reflect how a 6 year old may interpret the world through these three stories.f

Mabel shares her world from the perceived unfairness of a sister getting something that is highly desirable for her birthday; to misinterpreting the intentions of the tooth fairy & begrudgingly being grateful to big brave sisters ; and negotiating the ups and downs of female friendships; with extra value to humorous asides such as reacting to parents but especially the 6 year old’s response to a feather duster. 

We found these stories very funny and relatable but with just going that extra edge for entertainment value and are delighted to learn there are going to be another 2 books coming out this year. 

Dirty Bertie:Trouble David Roberts with story by Alan MacDonald (Stripes)

Dirty Bertie Trouble

Bertie has been up to trouble again. In another trio of mishaps and mayhem; Bertie tries to make a magic potion for his teacher to forget the maths test; has to find a way to get out of a sleepover with Know-it-all Nick arranged by their mothers; and then has to deal with bully Masher Martin when Know-it-all Nick stirs the pot. 

Dirty Bertie Trouble illustration by David Roberts
Dirty Bertie Trouble illustration by David Roberts

Dirty Bertie stories are fun, silly but instantly relatable to the thinking (or lack of!) of young children who may not consider the long term consequences or repercussions of a choice whether that be the potability of mud or its value as a decorative finish to white furniture in someone else’s house.

Overall, Dirty Bertie is a series that continues to bring fun and laughter whether Bertie wins or is caught out. 

Cinders and Sparks: Goblins and Gold Lindsey Kelk & Pippa Curnick (Harper Collins)

Cinders & Sparks Lindsey Kelk & Pippa Curnick
Cinders & Sparks Lindsey Kelk & Pippa Curnick
Illustration by Pippa Curnick

Littlefae is rather a fan of the Cinders & Sparks series and it is one that I am happy for because it challenges the surrendered and dutiful nonsense of the original fairytale.

The third instalment in the Cinders & Sparks series sees the group come upon a Goblin Market whereupon Cinders get tricked by a naughty goblin (sadly not Jareth ☺️), Brian makes Prince Joderick’s acquaintance in the woods and him a fetching shade of blue, Hansel continues to make a plonker of himself, the Huntsman is closing in and we begin to find out just how wicked Step-Mother Margery really is! 

It was so silly and funny. There was a huntsman in it and I liked the funny names like Noderick!!! I don’t like that step-mother Margery she’s tricky.


Definitely one to explore with concepts of fractured fairytales, challenging stereotypes and very funny and entertaining too! 

Thank you so much to Nosy Crow, Stripes and Toppsta with Harper Collins for our copies! 


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