Blog Tour: The Vigilante Tooth fairy- BB Taylor illustrated by James Shaw

Vigilante Tooth Fairy Blog Tour

I’m very pleased to be part of the blog tour for BB Taylor’s The Vigilante Tooth Fairy, a tale for those who are about to or have recently lost a tooth, and perhaps their belief in the magic and tooth fairy is wobbly.

Many tooth fairy books are aimed at that celebrating the first tooth loss, they tend to be picture books explaining the process of tooth under the pillow and establishing a mythology, but children continue to lose teeth for some years and so BB Taylor’s tale puts a twist on the typical tooth fairy book and is aimed at slightly older children but are still dreamers, believers and adventurers.

The Vigilante Tooth Fairy

There is a problem in the land of Tooth where the Tooth fairies live. Recently, it seems less and less children are believing in the Tooth Fairy which means less and less baby teeth have a magical glow which is not only where these fairies get their magic but the land gets its life force! If children don’t believe it will be the end of the fairies!

Mouse, a young fairy knows the situation is desperate but she is too small to be a tooth fairy but is determined to help. She travels to our world and tries to steal some teeth but instead is SEEN by a girl who is trying so hard to believe, in a world that doesn’t want to! But thinking its too late to run away, Mouse gets to know Faith and discovers that children also glow when they laugh…. Could this be the answer to Tooth’s struggles?

Mouse the Tooth Fairy
Mouse, the Vigilante Tooth Fairy illustrated by James Shaw

The Vigilante Tooth Fairy is sweet tale of courage with hints of Monsters Inc and Peter Pan that meet tales of dying worlds like The Neverending Story as Mouse fights to save her world. The references to the magic of Children’s laughter and the ability of Children’s belief in magic & imagination to fuel and power entire worlds is not a new concept but here being a recognisable and comforting concept it is beautifully and gently explored as an exciting adventure quest for the young reader.

I love the way this book is both tailored and aimed to appeal and put the power back into the imaginations of children especially those that may be upset or grieving the magic after their peers have said certain things don’t exist. Faith, the human child that Mouse meets, is upset at the beginning of the book because she is just supposed to stop believing after being teased mercilessly at school for her faith in the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny. There will be many children who feel robbed of their belief in magical personalities by others and will resonate with Faith’s heartache and bolstered by her rekindled imagination when she is trusted by Mouse.

Furthermore, The Vigilante Tooth Fairy is a brilliant choice for those older children who still want to believe and have either started to lose their teeth a little older than their peers, or its been a considerable time since they lost their last tooth and a little fun and inspiration can add ceremony as the losing baby teeth stage is wider than many parents remember from their own childhoods, but doesn’t make it any less special whether you are losing the baby tooth at 5 or at 8!

The Vigilante Tooth Fairy will delight those readers with wonderful relatable characters and is packed with gentle peril and adventure with playful black and white illustrations that accent the tale, but most importantly the tale reminds and empowers the reader that magic is inside of them too, whether others believe in it or not, and that is a truly wonderful thing.

Vigilante Tooth Fairy Blog Tour

Thank you so much to Tiny Tree Books for providing a review copy and inviting me on this Blog Tour! Make sure you check out the other stops on The Vigilante Tooth Fairy Blog Tour this week!

The Vigilante Tooth Fairy is written by BB Taylor and published by Tiny Tree Books

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    1. Yes, it’s nice to have something to go to if they have a big break between losses I mean this process takes longer than I remember! Littlefae just lost her first wobbly tooth in a whole year, and she’s got about 20 to go!!!!!

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