Leapfrog – Jane Clarke & Britta Teckentrup

This is such an incredibly clever book. It feels like how a good storyteller may have narrated a non-fiction book that a younger child may have selected for bed time, which is lovely. But it also has great potential for exploring habitats, counting and onomatopoeia (great for phonemic awareness too) 

And with Britta Teckentrup’s amazing illustrations evoking humidity and texture this is a feast for the eyes too!

Leap Frog by Jane Clarke and Britta Teckentrup

The author breaks the fourth wall to encourage the reader to interact pointing out, making noises and counting up the branches and this interactivity adds an extra layer of fun to the tale.

The book is great for exploring the rainforest by hopping through the treefrog’s habitat showing how the tee frog is different from ground dwelling frogs, other creatures and predators and where the tree frog may sleep too. This is a very clever interweaving of non-fiction elements into the fun of an interactive story.

Leap Frog Illustration

What is also nice is the choice to make it daddy frog rather than mummy frog, a positive representation to see to equally encourage dads to do bedtimes and include those who do all the time. 

This book is a particular favourite of Tinyfae who utterly adores the illustrations and enjoys the interactive bits like saving the frog from the snake and counting up the branches but I have to say that Littlefae has enjoyed it too!

Leap Frog by Jane Clarke and Britta Teckentrup is published by Nosy Crow Books

Many thanks for my copy 💜

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