SuperKitty versus MouseZilla- Hannah Whitty & Paula Bowles

Superkitty versus mousezilla by Hannah Whitty and Paula Bowles

Superkitty for me belongs to a group of Picture books for those who want to be brave and courageous but don’t think they have much power or voice. This tale of self belief, trust and determined action is a wonderful and humorous panacea of hope in these troubled times, and this book in particular is perfect to first approach ideas about the role of fake news, gossip and propaganda.

Superkitty versus mousezilla by Hannah Whitty and Paula Bowles

Superkitty wants to celebrate hard work by the Superhero Squad and suggests joining the City picnic but oh no! Every treat shop they go to has had all their goodies nibbled or stolen!!

When one shopkeeper suggests it is the recent migration of mice to blame the other superheroes are eager to jump in whilst Superkitty is not sold on this rumour.

But then a huge mousezilla appears on the horizon, but could there be more to this story? 

Superkitty v Mousezilla illustration

This sequel to Superkitty is absolutely brilliant and without spoilers it is absolutely perfect for using with younger children to explore the concept of fake news and how prejudices are manipulated by the media to distract from other more nefarious behaviours. 

The illustrations in Superkitty versus MouseZilla are so on point it’s incredible from the assortment of sweetie jars to the hilarious labels in the cheese shop, one side celebrating ‘strengths’ and the other different art styles from ‘cubist’ to ‘impressionist’. 

Superkitty v Mousezilla illustration

Carefully seeded throughout the illustrations is the path to a timely and hilariously accurate pastiche of a modern world figure (I laughed so hard I got a stitch! and its SO good I won’t spoiler it) which hits the nail on the head for parents and the politically aware as much as the fun in the story

I like Superkitty she’s clever and kind! Naughty Cat in Suits is mean! 


Highly recommended for the entertainment value for children and giggle value for adult readers alongside an important message of kindness and not taking gossip even from News sources at face value. 

Superkitty versus MouseZilla by Hannah Whitty & Paula Bowles is published by Simon & Schuster 

Thank you so much for our copy 💜

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