Blog Tour: Scribble Witch: Notes in Class by Inky Willis

ScribbleWitch by Inky Wells banner

We are DELIGHTED that today is our turn take part in the Blog Tour to celebrate the release of the awesomeness that is Scribble Witch!!

Ok hands up, who here would play with pencil toppers, erasers, small toys (we were allowed troll pencil toppers at my primary school!) in their pencil case and would imagine whole stories and act them out whilst distracted in class? Well take that energy and roll in a scribble that comes to life! 

This is SUCH a delightful book full of joy and fun, my 6 year old think it is HILARIOUS and wants her very own Notes the Scribble Witch! 

Following in the recent vein of Tom Gates (Liz Pichon) style graphically styled books blending the super popular ‘Diary’ books with highly illustrated and creatively annotated books such as Planet Omar, Cookie and so on, Scribble Witch offers a sweetly creative story of a girl learning to deal with her emotions with the help of a paper witch who is only visible to her.

ScribbleWitch by Inky Wells

Molly is sad. Her best friend Chloe is going to the posh school down the road from her and leaving Molly at the supremely less impressive primary school in the class taught by Mr Stilton who is rather lacking in job satisfaction. 

When a spelling request is responded with a battered dictionary a doodled witch slips from the pages and Molly cuts her out.

Little does she know that she has just brought Veronica Notes to life!!! 

ScribbleWitch by Inky Wells illustration 2

Notes brings a fae-like mayhem of energy to Molly’s life trying to cheer her up before Chloe leaves, and whilst Notes creates some rather challenging results, ultimately she brings out something interesting and good in Molly amongst the giggles and invisible naughtiness.

Notes is actually adorable, she’s got a Picklewitch vibe which immediately is god level of joy with my two with the playful naughtiness with honourable intent yet as she is invisible there a different energy about this duo. Molly is the straight man to Notes’ mischief and sometimes her mischief opens up a different approach in Molly’s mind allowing her to think differently, from maths problems to storytelling, but Notes also helps Molly to smile and laugh and indeed see outside her own pity party to perceive and understand the feelings of others. 

ScribbleWitch by Inky Wells illustration 3

It was interesting how Mr Stilton plays quite an important role in the story but is neither inspirational & kind nor utterly pantomime evil, he’s actually demotivated which makes him snarky and petty. Whilst the child reader may or may not recognise this teacher it’s interesting to see someone wobbling around the middle rather than to extremes.

He reminds me a lot of Mr Madden from the first in the Nativity film series where he was a bright eyed and bushy tailed trainee teacher but years later knows he is in an underperforming school with rubbish facilities and opportunities and has basically given up. I think it took considerable restraint to not go complete pantomime on Mr Stilton considering the age group although he is still a dreadful teacher! Maybe Notes is going to bring out the best in him in a future book who knows? 

ScribbleWitch by Inky Wells illustration 1

Inky Willis has included a section at the back of the book to help inspired children to get into the spirit of Veronica Notes by a how to draw guide. We had a lovely time drawing following the instructions to draw our own Notes which offered a chance for Littlefae to practice building a drawing from shapes instead of freeform AND after not being 100% pleased with her first effort to realise that practice and try try again is important to getting better at drawing.

Littlefae's attempts to draw Notes from ScribbleWitch
Littlefae’s drawings of Notes

ScribbleWitch is a fabulously creative idea that puts a spin on the ‘whole Angel on your shoulder with a streak of the devil in them’ trope that’s a lot of fun. We will definitely be seeking out more of Molly and Scribble Witch, and really hoping along with fun and playful adventures Molly’s mind is opened more, we think it would be especially lovely if she offered friendship to Emily.

I LOOOOOOVE ScribbleWitch, she’s a bit naughty and cheeky and she’s also kind because she’s a friendling with Molly who is sad. I like when they write on leaves to each other and when Notes scrunches up a mean stinky custard brain note and throws it at Harry!!


Thank you so much for inviting me on the Blog Tour! Make sure you check out the other stops on the tour!

Scribble Witch: Notes in Class by Inky Willis is published by Hodder Books and is published in the UK on 19th March.


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