Betty Binoculars- Susie Laverty & Emily Hamilton

Betty Binoculars

Betty Binoculars is the debut from Dudley Doodle Books a new Devon-based Independent press with aims to create fun, quirky and gorgeous children’s books and build a support network of illustrators, graphic designers, editors, book designers and small printers.

The binoculars are a fun way to look through and see differently. It’s a really fun book with lots of imagination. 


Betty Binoculars is a sweet book full of imagination that prompts children and adult readers to see beyond the simple and mundane and see the wonder and whimsy in the world.

Betty Binoculars Suzie Laverty & Emily Hamilton

Betty was feeling sad when her family moved into their new house until she comes across a pair of binoculars that lets her see the magical things happening all around her, from mouse shopping malls to swimming pool mermaid Olympics.

Some people don’t understand but Betty knows her world is richer for her binoculars.

Betty Binoculars Suzie Laverty & Emily Hamilton illustrations

This really is a playful and beautiful book especially through the use of greyscale contrasted with bold brights to compare the regular world with that the binoculars reveal to Betty.

The book is a lovely encouragement for children to use their imagination or to reframe the default world around them- creative thinking on what a woodpile in the park may be secretly for rabbits and hedgehogs; a secret battle between the raindrops on your window; or what secret life that the blackbird or even one legged pigeon on that fence may be up to! 

Betty Binoculars Suzie Laverty & Emily Hamilton illustrations

The marshmallows were running away!! They are saving their bottoms!! 


Overall, this is a really playful and imaginative story with gorgeous illustrations that will stimulate and inspire children especially if you can get crafty and make your own binoculars (let’s make a use for those loo roll inners!!).

We really enjoyed this book and look forward to more from Dudley Doodle Books.

Betty Binoculars
Littlefae (pink) and Tinyfae’s Binocular craft

Betty Binoculars- Susie Laverty & Emily Hamilton by Dudley Doodle Books is out 27th April 2020 available (in current conditions to order) from bookshops including Waterstones  

thank you for our copy 💜

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