Notable Non-Fiction: Recycle and Remake

Recycle and remake is a book full of crafts and encourages you to look at what you have and to make something new out of it rather than single use plastics being thrown away all the time.

LittleFae has already seen a few crafts that she wants to try out and I am very interested in making the beeswax wraps for our kitchen.

Recycle and Remake DK book

In between the activities are interjections giving reasons why we should choose less single use plastics, the harm it is doing to environment but with a mind to what we can do instead of just simply telling.  This encourages us to do something different with our recyclables or plastic waste until better alternatives become the norm.

This book is not just a great guide to being more environmentally conscious it is a generally fantastic activity book to have on hand at home because all of the activities prompt you to use what you have rather than lots of special equipment for just one task.

Recycle and Remake DK book

Although whilst the majority of this could be pulled from the recyclables there are a few special activities such as beeswax wraps that require a particular purchase (unless you have access to beeswax or have pellets from another craft- and yes buy pellets rather than a bar if you can as otherwise you will have to sacrifice your grater). 

In my opinion though the beeswax wraps are definitely worth the investment due to a long-term potential of the wraps and if you have loads left over you can dabble in making your own lip balms, moisturisers or cream cleansers! 

Recycle and Remake DK book

Overall this is a book I would highly recommend and gift to others for the range of achievable crafts, there is little here that seems ‘too much’ and there is lots for even the youngest to get involved with from basket weaving yogurt pots to quick 5 things you can do with a recyclable but also crafts to engage older children such as paper making or the beeswax wraps (yes I am a BIG fan of this activity if you hadn’t noticed!!!!) 

Recycle and remake is published by DK Books 

6 thoughts on “Notable Non-Fiction: Recycle and Remake

  1. But…do you think the beeswax wraps are any good?! 😂😉
    Seriously, they sound like a great idea, I’m going to investigate those!
    And the book sounds like a hit – love a good ‘junk’ craft!

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    1. I know people in the Home Ed community who are proper converts to them- even sewing into sandwich bags which are SO cute (turn inside out to wash) but in my mind I have a bag of beeswax pellets in my stash that will no longer sit there in vain!!!!!!! I shall let you know how it goes, and how many bad words were involved 🤣

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