Princess Poppy: Fantastic No Plastic by Janey Louise Jones & Jennie Poh +Activity

Princess Poppy Fantastic No Plastic is the follow up to 2019’s Please Please Please Save the Bees which has recently had a reprint cover makeover to compliment this design of Fantastic, No Plastic.

Please please save the bees

The styling is a lovely up to date twist on the branding of the older picture and young fiction Princess Poppy series making it recognisable yet a modern environmentally minded focus on the classic character for a new generation.  

I like Princess Poppy, I want a mermaid outfit like her! But did you know we need to stop using so much plastic? We need to look after our oceans it’s really important.


I’ve also suggested an activity to help encourage young children inspired by Princess Poppy but are unable to get to the beach easily or at this point in time.

Princess Poppy Fantastic no Plastic- Janey Louise Jones & Jennie Poh

Princess Poppy, her grandfather and friends are on their way to the seaside for a party with Sidney, Poppy’s puppy.

Before the celebrations the children decide to do a beach clean and are shocked at all the rubbish and how dangerous it can be. 

But Sidney thinks this is not a fun activity because nobody is paying him attention until he eats a plastic bag!!! Luckily Grandpa acts in time and the vet agrees Sidney is ok.

However, Poppy is shaken by what could happen to any creature who swallows plastic and resolves to enter a competition to design plastic-free alternatives to everyday items.

Princess Poppy Fantastic no Plastic- Janey Louise Jones & Jennie Poh illustration

Both my daughters are huge fans of Princess Poppy books and this is a gorgeous addition to the range with its focus on environmental issues extending into clearing up plastic, reducing single use plastics and finding sustainable or less harmful alternatives.

I like Princess Poppy she is kind. Her silly doggy tried to eat a bag, plastic bags are not for eating and not for the sea.


Princess Poppy’s tale is inspiring and empowering. Often there can be an ennui when reading environmentally conscious books of how an individual can make a difference but this series doesn’t just make children aware of issues it carefully and lovingly shows how every person can make a contribution towards change. 

Activity- Take One Canvas Bag. 

In the book Princess Poppy after the scare swaps plastic bags for a canvas tote made from what she finds in her mum’s leftover/scrap fabric bag. 

Now whilst I do have the ability and equipment to sew a bag, I thought it a much more achievable activity and more involvement for the girls to decorate a plain canvas bag (we got ours from the bargain bins at Hobbycraft back in February but other shops are available) 

Tie dye bags activity for Princess Poppy
our adventures in tie-dying from start to finish

We decided to tie dye ours with a dye set in my home educating squirrelling stash originally bought in a craft event at Aldi, but there are plenty of tie dye kits available online and to order from craft stores BUT if you are stuck you CAN sort of tie dye using rubbing alcohol (or in a pinch vodka) on scribbles made with sharpie type pens. 

We all tried a different method of tie dying, I’m super proud of them all but LOOK at that gorgeous Spiral Littlefae made!!!

Tie Die Bags for Princess Poppy
Our Three Princess Poppy tie dye bags
L-R Tinyfae’s scrunch technique, mine using a Japanese Shibori rolling technique and Littlefae-s AMAZING spiral.

However, if you don’t feel confident with the mess of fabric dyes there are SO many alternatives!

  • print, stamp or spatter (use an old clean toothbrush or paintbrush) using textile paint
  • Hand or machine sew a bag from scrap materials.
  • draw and colour a design using fabric felt tips or sharpie type pens.  (Always put a piece of Cardboard inside the bag to stop ink transfer from front to back.)
  • design an image on a computer and print onto heat transfer paper to cut out and get an adult to iron on. If a parent has a Cri-Cut machine lots of different ideas are achievable.
  • Glue or stitch on arty buttons, sequins or other decorative pretties
  • You can also attach ribbons, strips of leftover/scrap material, clothes that no longer fit or trimmings using fabric glue or hemming tape/WunderWeb to create a No-Sew unique bag.

If you cannot get hold of a plain canvas bag and do not want to sew there is a fab tutorial to turn an old tshirt into a no-sew reusable bag in Recycle and Remake by DK Books (hint it involves fringing and knots)

Princess Poppy Fantastic no Plastic- Janey Louise Jones & Jennie Poh illustration

Overall, we have been delighted by this brilliant and inspiring follow up to the beautiful and empowering Please Please Save the Bees that are as educational and compelling as much as entertaining.

Princess Poppy: Fantastic No Plastic by Janey Louise Jones & Jennie Poh is published by Eden Cooper. Thank you so much for our copies.

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    1. Thank you!! I’m so proud of these!! The dying however was all me- she was gloved up and ready to squeeze but dragged out over then hid in the laundry bucket and shouted what colours she wanted (we have a huge rubbery garden bucket/trug for laundry) because she was cold!!

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