MG Takes on Thursday- The Wild Folk by Sylvia V Linsteadt


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The Wild Folk- Sylvia V Linsteadt (Usborne 2018)

The Wild Folk Book by Sylvia V Linsteadt
cover by Sandra Dieckmann

They told the ancient creation myths of Farralone, about the Spider-woman who spun the dust from the fallen stars down to earth, about the Elk who mixed that stargold with dark and milk and made all the animals, plants, Waters and stones; about the many thousands of years of peace which among human, plants, animals and sky; about the coming of the Star- priests and the making of the city of new Albion, and the hunger for the energy they had figured out how to extract from the pieces of stargold mined from rivers and hills and streams; about the time of the Collapse, when the city overreached itself and everything fell apart, when disease swept Farralone and the Star-Priests in the city built a giant wall to protect themselves; about the birth of the Wild folk to heal the ravages done to Farralone by the hungry city, and the laws that at present kept the life of the island in a tenuous balance.

Sentence from page 11

Nature, Folksy, Green Magic 

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may have picked up that I have a dreamy sort of love for earthy, witchy books filled with a more folksy, green, nature immersed world than the one we inhabit, especially those which a more cunning nature driven sort of magic craft than the more formal and rules driven high or wizardy magic.

Well The Wild Folk not only features all those things but it is intensely good too!

The tale of a magical land split in two, the ‘country’ populated by curing folk who observe the old ways, making offerings to the unseen Wild Folk who live beyond an forbidden boundary and the ‘city’ the citadel of a brotherhood of priests who have carved the very magic out of the Earth burning and razing the land for miles around, and two children one from each world who must unite to save the whole land from the greedy Star-Priests hell bent on keeping their crumbling city alive.

There is both a beautiful and thrilling adventure as well as a undulating metaphor, the Star Priests have devastated the land of Farralone, breaking her bones, mining her arteries and vessels, poisoning the land for their precious Star Gold has parallels with the way we as a species have pummelled, broken, blasted, drained, torn and poisoned our Earth in the pursuit of riches, fuel and resources all the while becoming more divorced from the rhythms and magic of the natural world.

I highly recommend this book for its poetic full sensory immersion to awaken the mind and wild heart in all of us, but will particularly call to those who already sing its song and I have GOT to read the sequel the Wild Folk Rising sooner than later!!!

Check out my review for more.

Have you read this book or do you think you will give it a go?

8 thoughts on “MG Takes on Thursday- The Wild Folk by Sylvia V Linsteadt

    1. Yes! I couldn’t resist putting that one in there, it sums up so much of the context of the island and why I love this book that I had to go with it!!!
      I highly recommend this book and hope you love it as much as I do 💜

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  1. Earthy magic and wild whimsy? This sounds so beautiful and I can’t wait to give it a try! I have a whole stack of MG I bought recently and I’m adding this one to my next purchasing order! 😍 great review Lily!

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