Little Tiger Rescue- Rachel Delahaye, illustrated by Jo Ann Davies

Little Tiger Rescue banner

 This is such a gorgeous series, we have both Little Lion and Penguin rescue so we were over the moon to read Little Tiger Rescue and I have to say this one is absolute brilliant with lots of deeper meaning as well as fun. 

Fliss wants to be a vet when she grows up and in each book she goes on a magical adventure to save a wild baby animal in danger.These books are a regular comfort reread with Littlefae and Tinyfae already enjoys the animals in the stories too so they will be loved for some time to come!

In fact there has been such a delay in reviewing because the book disappeared (to me) right before I had photographed the images! I’ve actually been searching high and low for this book and then I heard Littlefae talking about it and I asked her if she knew where it was and lo and behold she had squirrelled it away with her favourites! So apologies but in a super sweet way!!

Little Tiger rescue by Rachel Delahaye

In Little Tiger Rescue, Fliss is playing hide and seek in the jungle soft play of her little cousins birthday party and opens her eyes to find herself in the Indian jungle and comes across a baby tiger who needs to be looked after. 

But, this adventure may not go quite as planned.

Image from little Tiger rescue

What I loved the most about this  book is that it continues the themes of gently educating readers about the jungle habitat and what animals and plants you may see along with care for animals including respect for their wildness whilst following Fliss’s adventures returning baby animals to their families. However this one has a big twist. 

There is a wonderful environmentalist message embedded discussing the impact of deforestation and conservation of habitats whilst also exploring the context that human intervention need not be harmful all the time, that sometimes it is the choice that will actively support in the long term to survive and thrive. 

Image from little Tiger rescue

We are delighted to have just recieved the next book in the series Little Owl Rescue to enjoy too! 

Little Tiger Rescue- Rachel Delahaye, illustrated by Jo Ann Davies is published by Stripes Books part of Little Tiger Press

Thank you so much for our copy 💜

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