Last minute gift with feeling? try Wonderbly Books


So yesterday may have caught some UK based people out who are now thinking eeep I need something for…

If a magazine subscription is not quite your ideal and you want something a bit different may I suggest a book from Wonderbly especially if you order by midnight tonight (20th December!)

These books are an upmarket and with feeling version of those ‘insert the name’ books you may remember, I know my mum was not that impressed with the old style ones when I was little as they were very bland but Wonderbly books are definitely different and much more engaging and exciting.

This post is not sponsored in any way, and I don’t get anything by recommending this and these are not affiliate links only for ease of looking. For clarity I received a personalised copy of the Remarkable Rebels story for review purposes but nothing more.

Apologies for showing the PR pictures of the cover, I currently like to keep the girls real names off the internet until they can consent themselves so I can show you images from inside my book but I won’t show you my named cover- which you can choose from three different colour ways (we chose jade green!)

So I was gifted a copy of [Littlefae’s] Remarkable Rebels and I’m really impressed with both the set up and the ease by which it is to produce your own personalised book.

The Remarkable Rebels series is ideal for children who love the Extraordinary figures, women in history, climate warriors, science, sport and such books or enjoy reading biographies.

The concept is a bit like Neverending Story meets The Nowhere Emporium meets Bill &Ted’s Excellent Adventure- your child stumbles into a museum and a secluded area where they are taken on a magical journey to meet people from history to inspire them in different ways.

You choose the illustrated child that most resembles your own child with a good range of skin tones but not hair. It’s a small noting that your pronouns are linked to the image so you can’t currently choose a girl character with short hair unless your child goes by male pronouns and vice versa.

You can tailor the individuals in history to your child’s interests so you could pick ALL female figures such as Amelia Earhart and Malala Yousafzai, All STEM influencers such as Leonardo DaVinci or Florence Nightingale, or All Black & Minority figures such as Nelson Mandela and Frida Kahlo and more.

Or you can tailor it to life lessons such as perseverance, faith, courage and such.

I absolutely love this book and Littlefae thinks it’s brilliant.

There are other books on the site that I am interested in too including a Where’s Wally style search and find book Where are You? except this time your child has to find a character resembling them!! Tinyfae would LOVE this (I may be ordering myself shortly after posting) and you can choose different editions including places and a history one too (Littlefae would ADORE!)

The Kingdom of You looks fabulous for future fantasy fans and for children who need a little help and guidance in their life there is a personalised You are Extraordinary Journal and The Wondrous Road Ahead which I think would be a lovely gift for first Christmases whether for babies or blended families along the lines of Blueberry Girl.

For younger children there’s even personalised learning books such as ABC is for You, Ten Little You’s plus lovely bedtime style personalised picture books too.

And if you’re stuck for an adult there’s the best [wife/mum/dad/husband] books that can be personalised instead of buying off the shelf and thinking ‘well they don’t do THAT!!’ When reading through!

Overall, if you’re stuck this maybe an answer and something a little different to boot.

This isn’t a paid for or an advert spot, yes I received a review copy for free but I know many people in my own life for various reasons are now worrying whether they will be able to get a gift or to the person they intend to gift and this is a really great option.

Call it sort of a helping hand

Thank you to Wonderbly and Fritha Lindquist for my personalised review copy of [Littlefae’s] Remarkable Rebels 💜


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