Pause for WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Taking on a World Of Words that simply asks three questions.

What are you currently reading?

The Muddlemoor Mysteries: Peril At the Bake Off by Ruth Quayle illustrated by Marta Kissi (Andersen Press March 21)

Muddlemoor Mysteries Peril at the Bake Off by Ruth Quayle

Ruth Quayle sets the scene for a series of unfortunate but funny misunderstandings (now the song from Bill is bouncing through my head) for readers aged 7-9 who may be moving on from her Mabel series but still want that lovely blend of naïve innocence and comedy.

This is normally the kind of book I would breeze happily through in a hour or so sometimes before but often after Littlefae has already giggled her way through. It is very good so much I am going to be taking part in the blog tour for it next month but we are taking our time with this one as it is Tinyfae’s bedtime book and it PAINS her to fall asleep so I absolutely cannot read ahead without her!!!

What did you recently finish reading?

How recent is recent considering I haven’t WWW’d for over a year? Ok let’s say since last Wednesday.

Swan Song by Gill Lewis (Barrington Stoke 2021)

Pieces, absolute Pieces. This gorgeously empathetic but gentle account of the rise of Dylan from depression through love, patience and understanding and contact with the rhythms and heritage of nature made beautifully accessible through one of my favourite publishers, the dyslexia friendly Barrington Stoke. Review incoming.

The Valley of Lost Secrets by Lesley Parr (Bloomsbury 2021)

This book is EVERYWHERE, and deservedly so, and if you haven’t come across it yet I wholeheartedly advise you to get yourself a copy, whether from your local independent bookseller, Waterstones (of which this was January’s children’s book of the month) Sainsburys (yes!!) or if needs be the online river that shall not be named!

A beautiful and stirring account of a young boy’s evacuation story from Islington to a coal mining community in the valleys of Wales. Review incoming.

Luna Rae is Not Alone by Hayley Webster (Nosy Crow 2021)

This is a really sweet middle grade that is youthful and gentle in pace and expectations. but is deep in meaning. This balance of being able to speak gently through the voice of a 10 year old protagonist with themes of family breakdown, anxiety and familial depression with invisible carers a quiet note throughout. It shows how families and the adults we love can mess up big time, and they are flawed human beings with fears and worries and struggles just like children, but that HONESTY with children is critical to foster healthy relationships and mental health as a family. Review incoming.

What do you think you’ll read next?

Well considering how 2020 went I have a PILE of books to read so it could be stick a hand in a box and read whatever comes out!

I’ve decided to make a system where I read the Must-Reads that I may have with an upcoming publication date or they are a favourite author and then when I have whittled a few down I will pick something from ‘THE BACKPILE’ TM to enjoy. The Backpile TM currently consists of some of the biggest MG and YA hitters of 2020 (and two of their sequels) that I have purchased myself such as A Sprinkle of Sorcery by Michelle Harrison (I am ashamed I haven’t read this yet let alone Tangle which is still sitting in the Waterstones box because of my shame), and Hollowpox by Jessica Townsend (again, I am ashamed)

The books however in my Must-Reads are highly coveted such as Elle McNichol’s Show Us Who You Are, and my newest landings Jennifer Killick’s Crater Lake: Evolution and Kirsty Applebaum’s The Life And Time of Lonny Quicke!! For those of you who follow me on Twitter I will (fingers crossed) be photographing my weekend & early week book post to celebrate the amazing books I have received!!!


Have you read any of these?

What are you reading?

10 thoughts on “Pause for WWW Wednesday

  1. I loved Valley of Lost Secrets! And I’m definitely adding Swan Song to my next order, I’ve heard nothing but good things.
    I’ve only just caught up with the Widdershins too, as you know. I also felt ever so ashamed but you know, life happens. Hope you can squeeze them in soon though as both Sprinkle and Hollowpox and the start of Tangle are FANTASTIC!
    I have been making my monthly TBRs in a similar way, with upcoming publication/review dates plus a backpile (love that name for it) book or two of I can. It doesn’t ever go quite to plan but it helps!
    And I am SO jealous that you have the new Kirsty Applebaum – enjoy! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Swan song is so so so beautiful but also very gritty with its stark honesty of mental health.
      I’m feeling quite inspired with how I’ve planned my reading- I feel less overwhelmed and sad about what I’ve missed. The Valley of Lost Secrets was a Backpile book and it felt lovely to have achieved my targets and read a book I’ve coveted too!!
      And yes I am SO SO SO excited for Lonny Quick I’m sold on the premise alone 💜

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yes, that’s the impression I hit with Swan Song (and as you’ll not be at all surprised to hear the reason I love the sound of it)
      I don’t even know anything about Lonny, I just think Kirsty’s books are always so different and interesting!

      Liked by 1 person

    3. The premise is a child who can give life to dying creatures, people etc, but it robs a little of his life & makes him older each time. Very folkish with a dash of Benjamin button

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  2. I really enjoyed both Swan Song and Valley of Lost Secrets! Luna Rae is Not Alone is on my TBR, and I can’t wait to get to my early copies of Show Us Who You Are and Crater Lake: Evolution too. And I’m looking forward to the new Kirsty Applebaum too! And I’m also a member of the behind on the Widdershins series club 🙈
    Last books I finished were the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and Mort the Meek and the Ravens’ Revenge, and I haven’t actually started anything new yet but I think it’s going to be Show Us Who You Are. I have a hospital appointment I’m absolute dreading on Friday and I plan to spend my recovery time on First night and Saturday reading hopefully!
    Amy x

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    1. Hooray I feel so guilty because Michelle’s writing feels like coming home. I think I put off reading it because i first tried when I was struggling and I wanted to enjoy it rather than slog through with my sadness. And then other books have jumped it in the queue!
      Thinking of you and sending love for Friday 💜

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I did the exact same thing, I just couldn’t get into it and I really wanted to enjoy it so put it down with the intent to try again and just haven’t yet 🙈. I have now read Mort the Meek as you know, I def think you’ll enjoy it! And thank you, I’m so worried about it so just trying to keep busy tonight 💜 x

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