MG Takes on Thursday- Sticky Pines: The Thing At Black Hole Lake by Dashe Roberts


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Sticky Pines: The Thing At Black Hole Lake by Dashe Roberts

Sticky Pines: The Thing at Black Hole Lake by Dashe Roberts
Cover illustration by Bill Bragg

His breath formed a smoke signal of distress in the cold October air

Sentence from page 11

Supernatural, Geeky, Conspiracy

Sticky Pines The BigWoof Conspiracy struck a chord in my unashamedly geeky self with its evocation of 90s cult tv both children’s and grown up that I have enjoyed at the time or since within a gorgeous rural setting oozing with secrets and the supernatural just like the sticky syrup from the Pines.

The Thing at Big Lake is set a little while after the events of BigWoof and the friendship between our purple haired conspiracy hunter Lucy and posh boy Milo has withered as Lucy has distanced herself after the promises made at the end of BigWoof to protect the secret. Plus she is stubbornly (and wonderfully) herself whilst Milo appears to have been absorbed into the cool group but is actually quite lonely.

Milo stumbles over a secret in the lake after a car accident with his father and Lucy’s curiousity means she cannot help but insert herself in the situation.

Many bags of candy later the pair discover the town’s secret is much deeper and complicated than they ever thought possible…. and Milo’s father is posing a problem to the future and safety of not only the secret but the town itself.

I love Dashe’s style of writing with its wonderfully playful and wisecracking dialogue and character’s inner thoughts coupled with a deep sense of unease and foreboding that evokes the kind of atmosphere created in Stranger Things. The injection of Americana with diners, Halloween parties and middle school is undoubtedly a winning formula in this case too bringing a different flavour and perhaps a personality and intensity that would be different, perhaps losing a splash of that hopeful dreaminess if in a British setting.

The action and stakes are ramped up even higher than in BigWoof, things have got serious here and it’s intense and exciting and the world of Sticky Pines is changed forever by the events of this book.

I am as ever quivering in anticipation for further instalments!!

Sticky Pines: The Thing at Black Hole Lake by Dashe Roberts is published by Nosy Crow

Have you read this book or do you think you will give it a go?

6 thoughts on “MG Takes on Thursday- Sticky Pines: The Thing At Black Hole Lake by Dashe Roberts

  1. I have both of these and I really, really need to read them as I’ve heard such good things! I’m finding it so hard to catch up on back reads, even more recent ones, if I don’t read them when they are first published!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. These are such a great read, it’s easy to devour them as you get sucked into the voice and the snappy narrative keeps you coming back for more.


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