I am so lucky to be bringing you the first in a series of Tour posts to celebrate the publication of Book 2 in the Hoarder Hill series The Magicians Map!!

Hoarders Hill Magicians Map  Kelly Ngai Mikki Lish

As the world woke up to the news that a virus spreading was locking down entire nations not just cities anymore a book called The House on Hoarder’s Hill by Mikki Lish and Kelly Ngai launched into the UK market, and despite the odds did not sit quietly.

The House on Hoarder’s Hill quickly gained rave reviews for its depiction of siblings, fantasy adventure with a dash of Gargoyles meets Labyrinth in The Haunted Mansion with lovable characters and a riddle to solve.

And now the duo are back with the sequel The Magician’s Map where a magical map transcribes itself onto Hedy’s skin leading the Hoarder Hill team on a quest between worlds.

Proper reviews by myself will follow shortly, but I have been enchanted and enthralled by this duo’s writing and so am DELIGHTED to have the opportunity to host the authors on this blog!

Mikki Lish and Kelly Ngai
photo courtesy of Chicken House

One of the (many) fascinating things about the writer duo is how far apart they live which is different continents yet have together created this fabulous series.

Now of since the world pandemic remote working and liaising across the internet is becoming to be accepted as normal and perhaps even the future this duo was clearly ahead of the trend, so why not get a little inspiration for home workspaces and routines from this duo who make it work across the miles and time zones.

So thank you so much to Kelly and Mikki for taking the time to create this content for us!

Who lives where?


I live in La Quinta which is approx. 2 hours drive from Los Angeles and 30 minutes from Palm Springs. It is usually very hot here with a desert type landscape and with lots of palm trees and pink sunsets!

There are LOTS of Roadrunners dashing about, just like the cartoon! BEEP! BEEP!


And I live in Sydney, Australia. There are no Roadrunners here but there’s one bird that starts singing right outside my window around 4am which is a bit too early, even for me.

Kelly Ngai Credit: Kelly Ngai

What do your workspaces look like?


“Messy People are MORE creative …”

Mikki’s desk in in La Quinta Credit: Mikki Lish

Well … that’s my excuse when I have to explain my working space with my husband, Colin. My work desk is usually, ok, always messy! I love to have things that inspire me, or that I love to look at, on my desk, on the walls and on the book shelf. Amongst my two laptops and ipad, some of the things on my desk include, a grizzly bear / Doug, a Spurtle (which is a magical item in ‘The Magician’s Map) – you will have to read it to find out just what the magic Spurtle can do!!) An ‘Idea’s Crown’, copies of our books, ‘The House on Hoarder Hill’ and ‘The Magician’s Map’, framed photos, a vintage Magician’s Hat, a huge rubber chicken (Hei Hei from the movie ‘Moana’)and even a metal duckfoot magnifying glass!

Mikki’s beloved belongings include a duck foot magnifying glass, stuffed bear, and Magic Beyond Fairy Door Credit: Mikki Lish

On the floor ….Apart from our Golden Retriever, Nelson, I have various old Magician props (which I have NO idea how they work!) to use as background posts for our books.


Some of my favourite treasures around my desk are gifts from Mikki celebrating our writing journey so far. There’s an artwork that she commissioned capturing our Edinburgh train journey together, a ceramic bear’s head to remind me of Doug the Rug, and my own spurtle wand too!

Mikki gifted Kelly this artwork capturing their train journey back from a research trip in Edinburgh

Books keep me company in the office, many of them grouped by colour (sorry, literary purists) so I can have a rainbow indoors.And I’m surrounded by family and pop-culture on the walls:photos of my two cheeky sons, a picture of Boba Fett from illustrator John Woo’s He Wears It set, an Akira print, and a photo by my partner, Brent, from our first America road trip together.

Kelly’s rainbow #shelfie Credit: Kelly Ngai

What time of the day are we most inspired to write and create?


I like to have lots of light and sunshine when I am creating. My ideas can come from listening to music, seeing an image on Pinterest or Instagram, watching TV and swapping ideas with Kelly. I write all my notes in a moleskine notebook – I don’t like to use any other kind of notebook.

P.S: One of my cats, Tommy, loves to lie across my laptop and will regularly make appearances when I am on zoom calls!

Tommy the cat likes to keep Mikki company while she works (including on Zoom calls) Credit: Mikki Lish


My best time to write is early in the morning, before the rest of the house wakes up (except for my 4am bird buddy out in the tree). Plus, I still have a day job at the moment, so it’s really the only time I have to myself. To write well, I need a strong cup of tea and to resist the temptations of emails, messages andsocial media.

Like Mikki, I love Moleskine notebooks, but I also love cheap, large kids’ scrapbooks which are great for mind-mapping. My favourite pen at the moment has a dark teal-coloured ink thatreminds me of the cover artwork for The House on Hoarder Hill by Maxine Lee-Mackie. I regularly open up my Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, which is a treasury ‘of words that have a tale to tell’. There are so many stories waiting behind each entry in there – how could I ever claim writer’s block?

Kelly’s treasured Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, Spurtle Wand and little Doug the Rug pot Credit: Kelly Ngai

Thank you so much you two!!! I love how you make your home workspaces work for your own temperament and different writing needs, that’s something for us to all think about.

Please check out the other stops on the tour over the coming days!!!

Also, I remember reading my Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase & Fable like a novel as a child, and moleskine notebooks are the best!!!

THE MAGICIAN’S MAP: A Hoarder Hill Adventure by Mikki Lish and Kelly Ngai out now in paperback (£6.99, Chicken House)

Thank you so much Chicken House and Laura Smythe for my copies.


3 thoughts on “Blog Tour: The Magicians Map THE WORKSPACES OF TEAM HOARDER HILL

  1. What a lovely post! I simply adore Mikki’s desk, no matter how messy. 😉 I have not read the books yet but they are definitely on my list now. 😀


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