Mystery Society Presents… Marlin Mysteries Marathon

Laura Marlin Mysteries Marathon Lauren St John

Inspired by our joint love of middle grade mystery books Amy of Golden Books Girl, Rachael of Bellis does Books and myself decided to indulge in a fun readalong of Lauren St John’s Laura Marlin Mysteries, and evoke the childhood joy of making a club! 

Each of us bring something a little different to the Mystery Society; Amy is a young, established blogger and grew up within the current golden age of children’s literature; Rachael is a bookseller, former schoolteacher, and has fantastic taste; and myself with my ‘extra’ approach to things will be bringing my analytical slant and a new casebook. 

Laura Marlin Mysteries Marathon Lauren St John
its also a great excuse for my creative side to have fun!

The Laura Marlin Mysteries by Lauren St John see the 11 year old protagonist Laura embark on a series of international mystery adventures after she moves out of the children’s home and into her mysterious uncle’s home in deepest Cornwall.

The stories, in classic Lauren St John style evoke social, economic, political and environmental issues alongside sweeping vistas and engaging plots held together by complex and emotionally resonant characters. 

Laura Marlin Mysteries Marathon Lauren St John

For me I have only read Dead Man’s Cove but it was some time ago, and I have wished to reread and explore the other stories in the series, for Rachael it will be a whole new experience and for Amy it will be a revisit to a much treasured series so we will each bring a different perspective too. 

At the beginning of each month we will announce on social media that we are beginning our read of that month’s book and will aim to post our thoughts around the last week of the month. 


Dead Man’s Cove 


Kidnap in The Caribbean 


Kentucky Thriller


Rendezvous in Russia


The Secret of Supernatural Creek 

If you or think anyone you know would like to join in this Marlin Mysteries Readalong on their blog, Twitter or Instagram we would be delighted to see readers joining in!! And don’t worry, there’s no pressure to fit in the same timeline that we are, we all have huge TBRs!

If you do join in please use the hashtags #MysterySocietyPresents and #MarlinMysteriesMarathon so we can find you!! 

Laura Marlin Mysteries Marathon Lauren St John

4 thoughts on “Mystery Society Presents… Marlin Mysteries Marathon

  1. What a lovely post! I might try to join in, once I’ve cleared a few books from my reviewing stack. I’ve only read Dead Man’s Cove, which I read as a bedtime story with daughter when it was first published and I know she loved the others which she read independently. I’ve read four or five other titles by Lauren St John and love her writing, and as you probably know, I do love a good MG Mystery 😊🔎📘

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