How NOT to be a vampire slayer – Katy Birchall 

How not to be a vampire slayer by Katy Birchall

How not to be a vampire slayer is a playful and funny book perfect for fans of Amelia Fang, Skeleton Keys and Lottie Luna who are ready to move on to more challenging MG.

It has brought both Littlefae and I smiles and giggles of joy as we watched Maggie’s story unfold and discover her place in her new village also happens to involve vampires. 

How not to be a vampire slayer by Katy Birchall
Cover by Estrella Bascuñan

Maggie loves anything spooky, anything scary or mysterious she’s in, vampires and zombie films OH YES give her the popcorn… it’s not exactly made her friends though. In fact quite the opposite up til now. 

So when mum and dad decide to move to his uncles house they just inherited in a tiny village in Yorkshire, Maggie is quite happy with that.

Even more deliriously happy when she finds out the town has a spooky history and her new house just happens to be on the edge of the woods people have been forbidden from going in for tales of venturers never coming out. 

Maggie is determined to find out what is beyond the boundary… and it just so happens to be Vampires including the delightful new friend Sharptooth

But what’s with all these mirrors in the Helsby house and this garlic planted everywhere in the garden??!? 

It was so fun it gave me goosebumps!! Sharp tooth is a vegetarian vampire!! 

My favourite character is Ari because she is funny and cheeky, Maggie is a nice person and she doesn’t get scared by scary stories or films which is why she isn’t scared of Sharptooth. 

Littlefae says…

Maggie is such a fun character, a child who just isn’t scared of spooky things, but isn’t really that great at anything else. It’s a joy to see her awkwardness find a kinship with mismatched duo of Ari and Milo but also to find a commonality with a vampire, albeit a vegetarian rebellious one! 

It’s definitely one that is safe for more sensitive readers and younger readers in the MG bracket, as the aim of the tale is to break through the rules and stereotypes we apply to ourselves and others and to embrace ourselves and each other for who we are but with an openness to new things and change. Even the slightly spooky bits like talking about blood dribbling are treated with gentle humour like Sharptooth staining another students cloak with her beetroot juice and the scariest thing in the book really is Mayor Collyfleur’s ineptitude, failing upwards shown very clearly here!! 

It’s a bright and funny tale perfect for children who walk a bit on the dark side but with a dash of humour and don’t want nightmares!  

How Not to be a Vampire Slayer by Katy Birchall is published by Scholastic 

Thank you for my copy. 💜

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