The Silent stars go by- Sally Nicholls

The silent stars go by by Sally Nicholls

Broke my heart over and over a million times how beautiful and heart wrenching this tale is. The interwar years is a particularly fascinating era for me, but is usually explored looking through the luxurious and Americanised lens of Jazz and Flappers or come the Thirties, Depression and Misery, the immediate post-war period and its … Continue reading The Silent stars go by- Sally Nicholls

Murder in Midwinter – Fleur Hitchcock

Each time I discover another book from Fleur Hitchcock I find that I become an even bigger fan of her style and approach to creating modern adventure thrillers bringing the adventures and danger of classic tales bang up to date, to be accessible and resonating with modern children as much as the classics offered their … Continue reading Murder in Midwinter – Fleur Hitchcock

Rules For Vanishing – Kate Alice Marshall

Ok, I like to think that I’m actually pretty good with horror, I admittedly don’t enjoy zombie or those possessed doll/orphan/foster child type films but vampires/monsters, psychological horror, ghost stories, urban legend type horrors have always been fun and not scary for me.... until now. Kate Alice Marshall you shook me with this book because … Continue reading Rules For Vanishing – Kate Alice Marshall