Notable Non-Fiction: Charles Darwin’s on the Origin Of the Species retold and Illustrated by Sabina Radeva

Sabina Radeva trained in Molecular Biology before turning her hand to illustration with a passion to blend science with art. Her retelling of On the Origin Of Species the History, context and principles for children started life as a Kickstarter project and is now a gorgeous hardback through Puffin.

The book takes us through the context of writing and the principles and arguments behind the theory of evolution and natural selection and furthermore, where there is wiggle room in the theory whether due to imperfections in archaeological or geological record or that science hadn’t quite caught up to prove or disprove yet such as DNA and epigenetics.

There is also an appendix looking at the furthering of his theory, misconceptions of the theory (not just what creationists might say but everyday misconceptions)

The illustrations are beautiful and thanks to the acknowledged support of many fellow scientists the book is gorgeously accurate both scientifically and in illustrations. In fact Sabina makes a careful nod to so many people who contributed to her book from editors to encouragement and mentoring from other authors which is lovely to see.

This is a very valuable book in that it is lovely book for 7 and up to read alone- I would say though would definitely need some explanation or discussion to comprehend what they’ve read. You could easily read this aloud to younger children but it is still accessible in secondary school to make the theories easier to break down and understand with the reasoning and evidence.

Pretty fantastic- I wonder what Sabina will turn her mind to next? Einstein or Hawking? Fossils or DNA? I’ll certainly be interested.

Charles Darwin’s on the Origin Of the Species retold and Illustrated by Sabina Radeva is published in the UK by Puffin.


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