About us

This blog is about our adventures reading, learning and imagining, mostly my own writing and a lot of my own reading but incorporating that of my two daughters.

We read widely; fiction, non-fiction and learning books and I aim to instil the value of reading for pleasure in my girls by modelling this with my own reading.

I’m Lilyfae, a former teacher turned stay-at-home mum rekindling my previously neglected passion for reading.

I enjoy reading MG and YA Fantasy, Magical Realism and Mystery, but have since found a love for Contemporary Fantasy and Thrillers both Contemporary and Fantasy.

I especially have a love for the mythical and magical side of things thanks to an early love of the Magic Faraway Tree and European mythology and I am loving the shift into eco-fabulist stories that we are seeing in children’s fantasy writing.

Littlefae is 8 years old, bright as a button, precocious, exuberant and intensely curious about the world around her which is clear through her love of Non-Fiction books.

Imagine Isadora Moon with her intelligence, sense of wonder, sometimes making mistakes but a good heart and straddling between Gothy black and sparkly faery pink and that is Littlefae.

She loves reading illustrated early chapter books and currently amongst her most faevourite of many authors and illustrators are: Harriet Muncaster, Laura Ellen Anderson, Anne Booth and Alex T Smith.

She is also a MASSIVE fan of graphic novels especially those published by David Fickling in association with The Phoenix Comic, some of her favourites include anything by Jamie Smart!

Tinyfae is 5 years old and is my little warrior princess, intense, observant and determined but very earthy and loves the outdoors and nature with a terribly mischievous streak.

Imagine Picklewitch as a real 5 year old and that is Tinyfae!

Amongst her current faevourites include Alex T Smith’s Claude books, Search and Find books and Janey Louise Jones’ Princess Poppy but she adores Vashti Hardy read aloud at bedtimes!

  • We do receive some books for free and have been provided for review purposes but this does not affect our opinion; they are included on this blog because we like or love them not through any obligation to praise nor fee.
  • Any books we receive for free to review on the blog will be declared..

    Many books will be our own purchases or borrowed from libraries and some will be gifts from friends and family.

    If you would like to contact us regarding reviewing your titles we will be interested to hear from you via the contact us page or email me at lilyandthefae {at} gmail {dot}com