Faevourites- Isadora Moon Day

Today is Isadora Moon Day, celebrating everything Isadora Moon by the fabulous author and illustrator Harriet Muncaster and I urge you to seek out this highly illustrated early chapter series if you haven’t already.

They are especially precious to us because they are the first books Littlefae started to read aloud by herself rather than Biff, Chip & Kipper etc, she was inspired by Isadora to start reading!

We are going to be celebrating by going to a local bookshop hosted party and yes, there are costumes!

Isadora Moon is becoming iconic in the 5-8ish market overseas especially in Spanish-speaking countries and it deserves to be just as popular everywhere so if you haven’t got on board with Isadora, I recommend you do!

I first came across Isadora Moon after seeing some other members of a review scheme I belong to had been offered some of the earliest books which were released closely together.
I kept seeing this half-vampire half-fairy irrepressible creature so of course I became viridescent with envy and sought out the books for my own little fairy gothling.

I think Littlefae identifies strongly with Isadora Moon thanks to an alternative vibe in our home, mummy is probably a grown up Isadora too and Littlefae began to read these when Tinyfae was an older baby/younger toddler like Honeyblossom and she loves to walk the line between pink and black, Princess Aurora and Wednesday Addams in equal measure.

Harriet Muncaster created Isadora Moon as a children’s book inspired by a character she had been developing since her Art Foundation course called Victoria Stitch, she is similarly pink and gothy but a little too spiky and grown up for the 5-7 age range! Check out this post on Harriet’s official website discussing the process. I’m grateful that Harriet had the inspiration to work with the idea to suit a children’s market, creating a highly illustrated 2-colour process young readers book and so the evolution of Isadora Moon began.

Littlefae having the best time at the Isadora Moon event at Mostly Books in Abingdon

Since our first book, Isadora Moon has become a firm fixture in our reading, for our pleasure, bedtimes, anytime. We’ve even been lucky enough to attend an author event at a local bookstore which Littlefae enjoyed thoroughly to discover she was half Fairy, half Snow-Rabbit which is a very good fit for her. We highly recommend going to an event with Harriet Muncaster if you ever get the chance!

Isadora Moon books have come with us to play dates, Days out and visits to relatives, the white, pink and black pages a constant source of happiness and continuously a source of curiosity from both parents and other children. What I love about Isadora is that it is equally boys and girls who have shuffled up or sent their mums over to find out what we are reading showing her universal appeal.

Isadora is a wonderful character and particularly for the 5-7ish age group because she encounters, feels and worries about the same sort of things that they do, whether going to a new school, whether to join in bad behaviour, feeling odd or that their family is odd, wanting to have fun, feeling left out and being so excited to try our new things and make it great for everyone.
Children find an ally in Isadora they can resonate with and work through the problem alongside, and of course adding a sprinkle of magic and a Pink Rabbit magicked sidekick helps a lot too.

Harriet Muncaster has chosen a conversational style prose which is as if Isadora has invited you over to her house and is telling you about her adventure acting out with her toys before rushing downstairs for tea.

I think this is a strong reason why children resonate with these books because there’s a beautiful innocence and complete lack of cynicism in Muncaster’s writing. Some fantasy books in this age group can try to be ‘cool’ or slightly aloof by gently mocking or bringing in twists on ‘cool’ contemporary popular trends to temper down a fantasy realm as if it’s ‘too much’or trying to appeal to fashions.
However, Muncaster just goes with it in the style of magical realism, Isadora is just a regular girl who happens to be half-vampire and half-fairy, she sets us up from the opening paragraphs as if this world is just the way it is and completely normal and the reader goes along unquestionably.

Littlefae adores Isadora so much, I was asked commanded to make her an Isadora felt dolly – with changeable clothes!

The Isadora Moon series tells children it’s ok to be who they are as long as they endeavour to act with kindness and speaks to the very essence of many children (and usually their parents who felt the same) with the themes of fairies butched up with a little darkness (but safe darkness) from vampires but with ultimate focus on morality, kindness and friendship.

These books are for the children who want to wear black AND pink as if there’s no choice between one or other, its the child who wants to be a vampire with wings and a tutu.

For us that’s perfect.

There have been 8 Isadora Moon books published to date with Isadora going on a variety of adventures

  • Isadora Moon Goes to School
  • Isadora Moon goes Camping
  • Isadora Moon goes to the Ballet
  • Isadora Moon has a Birthday
  • Isadora Moon goes on a School trip
  • Isadora Moon gets in Trouble
  • Isadora Moon goes to the Fair
  • Isadora Moon Makes Winter Magic
  • The ninth book Isadora Moon has a Sleepover is published on 7th March BUT some lucky people may be able to get their hands on early releases at the parties nationwide. Fingers crossed!!
  • To find out for yourself check out Harriet Muncaster’s Official Website for Isadora Moon. Harriet can also be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

    Isadora Moon books by Harriet Muncaster are published by OUP in the UK and Penguin Random House in the USA.


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