How to be Extraordinary- Rashmi Sirdeshpande & Annabel Tempest

There’s been a lot of ‘inspirational people’ books in recent years, for rebel girls, girls in STEM, boys who dare to be different and more but I do think there is still room for such stories especially with the inclusive style that Sirdeshpande and Tempest has taken here.

Book cover for How to be Extraordinary

Taking a worldwide approach and within different disciplines instead of people who you may not expect to see for one reason or another and I like how people are chosen regardless of age, heritage, and the concept of ‘fame’ from an almost completely unknown female spy to a YouTube star in a war torn land bringing hope and joy and then a woman becoming the greatest female judo Grandmaster ever at 98 years old.

With gorgeous, happy and bright illustrations by Annabel Tempest this book glows with enthusiasm and inspirational stories that from the most blessed to the least privileged backgrounds anyone can be extraordinary if they put their mind, heart and effort towards it.

No journey is made out to be easy, in fact most have struggles whether physical issues, political issues, racism, sexism, war or poverty which is important to see that people can achieve outstanding things regardless of the challenges they face.

A very inspiring book that deserves its place and to stand out, full of true stories to fire the imaginations of children everywhere.

How to be Extraordinary: 15 True Stories Of Incredible Humans by Rashmi Sirdeshpande & Annabel Tempest is published by Puffin Books


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