Six for Sunday- Not completely useless adults in MG

#SixforSunday is hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot. Every week there is a bookish-themed prompt to inspire 6 choices. 

This month focuses on  Characters ahoy! and this week the prompt is Six characters I’d love to go on a date with

Now, I’ve touched on the fact before that the kind of books I read and being totally inappropriate for crushes at my age and also the fact that most adults in these things are either evil villains, useless absent doofuses or well meaning elderly givers of wisdom BUT sometimes you get a grown up who is oozing a little something special. 

Inspector Priestley from MMU– especially Death in the Spotlight and Top Marks for Murder.

Now some may say Uncle Felix for his dashing James Bond qualities, but I have much more of a favour for Inspector Priestley. Although named after the writer of An Inspector Calls he definitely has a more of a vibe of Inspector Jack Robinson from Miss Fisher’s Mysteries (swoon)  with his inferiority complex around rich snobs, yet refusal to creep to racist fascists and equally thoughtful and resourceful (despite Daisy’s attitude to policemen) and he respects and values the girls contributions, he doesn’t let his rank, ego or gender get in the way of being a decent guy and giving respect and credit where it’s due- what a man. 

Charles from Rooftoppers

OH he reads, he nurtured Sophie’s interests and talents, stretching where he can but with respect to her, he values Sophie as her own person, he is not just an ally to her feminism but he MAKES her trousers when she doesn’t want to wear dresses, he fights for her right to be herself, he fights for her to remain his daughter yet he supports her in her quest to find her mother. He is THE BEST man.

Duncan from The Monster in the Lake

To misquote Jessica Rabbit ‘he’s not bad, he’s just drawn that way’ he cooks, he loves to read so much he’s a MAGIC librarian, he lives in a environmentally friendly hobbity house, he has a Highlands accent and he looks like that sexy lumberjack model… *flustered* 

ok what did you all go with for this prompt?

3 thoughts on “Six for Sunday- Not completely useless adults in MG

  1. Oh, I think my brain shorted out when you mentioned Jack. I gotta rewatch that series. 😍 I have Rooftoppers at home and I will now definitely take a closer look.
    One more thing though, what’s that to do with that post title? 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes Inspector Robinson!! 😍
      The title!! I know!! I struggled with the whole post and basically this was the best way of describing it! In MG grown men are usually the bad guys or completely useless and if neither of these things they aren’t always with attractive values!! So it was hard to describe it and my brain went mmmph and came up with that 🤣


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