Blog Tour: Bumble & Snug and the Angry Pirates by Mark Bradley

Bumble & Snug Mark Bradley

I am so delighted to be celebrating the publication of Mark Bradley’s Bumble & Snug and the Angry Pirates, a graphic novel/comic book for younger readers.

This book has been welcomed with glee into our home, I barely was allowed to photograph it before it was whisked away by my 8 year old with her 5 year old sister trotting behind. I have read this book aloud SO many times since it arrived, as has my mum, as the girls can’t quite get enough of this dynamic duo. 

Bumble & Snug Mark Bradley

Bumble and Snug are best friends, different as Bumble is a shapeshifting ball of energy and chaos; and Snug is a quiet, anxious but kind hearted bookworm; but they are still best friends. 

Today Bumble and Snug have decided to go to the countryside and Bumble wants to pet a shark ‘ you know the pointy things that look like brushes with teeny tiny legs!’ but when acting as their hot air balloon Bumble gets distracted by ALL THE THINGS and they get blown off course to the coast and then out to sea when Snug tickles Bumble to catch her attention. 

Marooned on a pirate island they have a big shout at each other, make up, then -literally- fall over treasure which they take back to the mainland to exchange for ice cream and donkey rides….. but all sorts of problems happen when a piratey crew turn up on the island looking for their treasure!!!! 

When I first heard of Bumble & Snug earlier this year, I was elated because I feel it couldn’t have hit at a better time. 

My 8 year old is a huge fan of the genre, she devours graphic novels such as Lightfall and print collections of comics such as Jamie Smart’s Looshkin and Bunny v Monkey and although yes she is older than intended audience, this doesn’t really matter as the content is accessible to and enjoyable for all readers and then there’s Tinyfae who is at the beginning of her reading journey is inspired by her sister’s animated read alouds of her favourites and can share extracting plot and emotion from the pictures.

I feel passionately that access to comics and graphic novels offers a wider range of literacy and cognitive skills than simply offering print alone, and Mark Bradley is a staunch supporter of the genre for all readers whether reluctant, strong or anywhere in between.

Bumble & Snug Mark Bradley

If we are talking on a literacy level, Bumble and Snug is perfect for the emerging reader who has the decoding skills to ‘move on’ from picture heavy beginner reader books but isn’t quite ready to give up the colour and pictures.

However, it is just as enjoyable for an older confident reader too and offers so much more than simply climbing the reading tree because Mark has cleverly weaved in emotional intelligence and resilience by using Bumble & Snug to explore emotions and behaviour allowing the child reader to reflect on how emotions don’t simply come from nowhere and how to help when those feelings are getting out of control. 

This is a powerful life skill wrapped in colour and fun to reflect on why am I really angry- and to tease out the root of a behaviour in ourselves or others. Furthermore it models  being open and honest about feelings and behaviours including the courage to apologise when we are wrong, mean or overreact. 

Hmmn I know some adults who could do with this book!! 

Bumble & Snug Mark Bradley
Littlefae’s fan art of Bumble & Snug and her own creation, a fairy bugbop called Ariel

And it’s funny. Tinyfae’s favourite section is when Hot Air Balloon Bumble is getting distracted. The images show Bumble talking out the side of her mouth as she holds her breath -which is how I have to do the voice when reading aloud-and this coupled with the pictures and the ‘oh seagulls!’ easily distracted nature of Bumble sends her into hysterics with cries of ‘Again again, go back!!’

I love Bumble & Snug!! I think its funny, especially when Bumble has all the ice creams and changes shape and goes Splodge on the lighthouse! The treasure hunt!! The Octopus is really funny too.

Littlefae thoroughly enjoys this book and likes to read aloud together as Bumble and me as Snug. She also very much appreciated the how to draw sections at the back and was so pleased with her Bumble, Snug and made up Bugbop ‘Ariel’ Bumble’s fairy-winged sister that she insisted we put it in a frame!

Overall, we love this fun filled and stealthily thought-packed story of Bumble and Snug abs cannot wait for more with adventure two involving unicorns!!! 

Make sure to check out all the other stops on the tour!! 

Bumble & Snug Mark Bradley

Bumble and Snug and the Angry Pirates by Mark Bradley is published by Hodder (hachette) 

Many thanks to Namishka at Hachette for my copy and inviting me on the tour! 

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