Pause for WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Taking on a World Of Words that simply asks three questions.

What are you currently reading?

Evernight by Ross MacKenzie

😱 a lot of my favourite tropes are in this book, secret guilds, a waiting evil, secret heir and hidden powers… oh and a lyrical cinematic style… very much enjoying this.

What did you recently finish reading?

A Pocketful Of Stars– Aisha Bushby

This is beautiful and an absolute gift, heart rending and tender exploration of love and loss and having the strength to find yourself and be proud. Beautiful

Unicorn Academy- Sophia & Rainbow And Freya & Honey – Julia Sykes & Lucy Truman

Such a gorgeous series with surprising depth of dealing with emotions. Something I’ve found with the recent bloom of early chapter books recently that are not ghost written is that they are full of heart and gently deal with the wobbles that children in this age group feel regarding family, friends and themselves and encourage kindness but strength too.

Between the Worlds: Folklore of Britain & Ireland – Kevin Crossley- Holland

I was disappointed in this book as I adored the Norse Tales book . The tales themselves are fascinating especially with their crossover with European tales and the uneasy balance between of Christian and earthier folksy beliefs inspiring the messages. BUT the tales are supposed to have been edited and adjusted for tweens and up to enjoy and a few choice words for disabilities made me VERY disappointed.

And then I turned into a Mermaid – Laura Kirkpatrick

Cover by Thy Bui

OH MY I LOVED THIS!!!!!!!!! Izzy O’Neill meets Georgia Nicolson with the language ☺️ downgraded for upper middle grade and throw in a secret mermaid heritage- the loos scene is one of my favourite comedy scenes ever.

Review coming imminently

What Magic is this? Holly Bourne

This is a wonderful accessible story of three girls in Year 9 (13-14 yr olds) who are really struggling, one with being dumped by the school heartthrob, one with the death of her dog and the third with a melancholy that has turned dangerous.

Inspired by witchy films and tv shows they decide one night to get their Witch on and cast spells… by the end of the night with secrets and tears spilled what magic will come of this is yet to unfold.

Review to come soon!

Knights and Bikes

This is such a fantastic little book. Inspired by the setting and basic narrative of the real indie game Knights & Bikes this is such a gorgeous tale and the illustrations make this fab for reluctant readers and gamer fans alike. Loved this!!

Review coming!!

What do you think you’ll read next?

I will be indulging in Early Chapter books as I have received a few to review and the picture features 3 that are out astoundingly early thanks to a visit to the OUP shop in Oxford.

So I may very well beat July’s total of 27 books read in a month.

Have you read any of these?

What are you reading?


10 thoughts on “Pause for WWW Wednesday

    1. Knights and Bikes is pure joy! Yes I was very shocked that the editor at walker gave these words a pass considering the target audience I don’t think you can justify ‘oh but that’s what people used to say’ when other stories have been changed to be more comprehensible I modern ears. Otherwise it would have been a recommendation

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    2. Like you say, if it was a direct copy but with different illustrations etc you might get away with a ‘this is using the language of the time’ but when it’s been edited abd retold and modernised it seems inexplicable not to update potentially offensive or upsetting language…

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    3. I’m not one of those who gets offended at everything but this word in particular got my hackles up as it is a word that I knew was offensive to use as a kid!! You can’t even say oh it’s an older author because even my mum as a older child learnt it was wrong so why on earth would you use it today!!!

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  1. I am SO excited for Evernight I can’t even tell you how excited I am. I LOVED the Emporium books, and I seriously need to read Shadowsmith soon because I’m pretty sure I’ll love it. I’m so happy you enjoyed A Pocketful of Stars like I’ve said before, and YAY that you liked Mermaid too!
    I finished Hot Dog Girl yesterday (not for me unfortunately, despicable may sound a bit harsh but the main character was kind of despicable. I didn’t get what I expected from the blurb, that’s for sure… a cutesy Simon Vs type book it definitely was NOT). I’m now reading the International Yeti Collective, which is lovely so far and I’m really enjoying it. And then next I’m really not sure what to read! There are so many wonderful options that it’s quite hard to pick, particularly as I was SO excited for Hot Dog Girl and it let me down so completely.
    Amy x

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