Beast Feast- Emma Yarlett

We thoroughly enjoy Emma Yarlett’s creative style, especially the imagination of Dragon Post but I think that Beast Feast may be even better!!

When this arrived it was read about 5 times consecutively and the letters pored over by Littlefae and then the next day once she had snuck it out from Littlefae’s grasp, Tinyfae had it read to her at least 7 times and took it off to tell herself the story over and over again.

This is a sign of a HUGE hit with my girls!

Beast has caught Dinner and invites his friends to a party, but as their dietary requirements get more and more absurd Dinner hatches a plan to save himself by having fun with Beast.

Will Beast decide that Dinner no longer looks yummy? But what will he feed his friends instead?

Applying the same epistolary interjections to direct the plot this has clever tones of Scheherazade meets an Aesopian fable where Dinner avoids becoming the main course by continuously offering not stories but fun and friendship under the guise of ‘meal prep’ slowly tricking Beast out of cooking him.


I was happy with the ending, its funny how things go all topsy turvey. I really like the recipe book end pages and I LOVE the letters they are so much fun.

The tactile experience of opening the different forms of post too is wonderful with envelopes, simple folds and origami style notes adding an extra layer of fun to the book.


I was scared of the Beast, he caught Dinner who said no I’m not. They eat some chocolate cake mmmm and don’t put him in the bath oh no! I do like chocolate, read it again.

This has become adored with both my girls in a short time and this is a book that can be enjoyed year round not just for Halloween!

Thoroughly recommended!!

Beast Feast by Emma Yarlett is published by Walker Books

Thank you for our copy 💜

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